The first!

I really thought I knew how to use the internet, but I’m learning quickly that I have MUCH to learn in the blogging world! This is my second attempt because I embarrassingly spelled the name of the other one I started wrong. It was called “artificially sweet” yet I spelled artificially wrong. So, artificially balanced is born. The meaning is this:  I am working on a balanced life and sometimes pretend I already have it. I have lost 110 pounds on my own through changing my lifestyle into a DRAMATICALLY healthier one, and what started as a love for walking turned into a love for running. I haven’t done any races or marathons, and I’m not sure I want to can. This is my biggest problem: complete and total self doubt. Always. EVEN after losing 110 pounds with no help. Once I started reading healthy living/running blogs, I realized that I wanted to be a part of the healthy living blogging community. It’s hard to believe, but maintaining your weight is 100x harder than losing 110 pounds was! Losing weight is easy in the sense that you have so much to change that all small changes add up quickly. Your body has nothing to do BUT change once you start eating less Doritos and walking more miles. But maintaining has been a pretty big anxiety fest for me. I’m not scared of ever gaining 10,15,50 pounds again; I’d just never let it happen. What scares me is 1-5 pounds. Fluctuation. Getting out of the mindset of eating 1200 calories. Trying to eat more intuitively. It sounds easier, but I am having a hard time getting out of the weight loss mindset and more into the toning/accepting that my body is healthy and would not look good 20 pounds less.  I am hoping that by blogging my eats and workouts and life in general that I will learn from myself.

A little about myself: I am 23 years old and moved to NYC about 6 months ago. I work for an internet company currently, and it’s actually the only non-retail job I’ve ever had. I LOVE fashion, but can’t seem to decide what part of the fashion world I would belong in. I have a wonderful boyfriend of 5.5 years, John, who must do copious amounts of drugs when I’m not around to be able to put up with me! I L O O O V E food! 🙂 I mean, we all do don’t we? But I loved it so much I had 110 extra pounds of it attached to me for quite a few years. I finally learned that while I have an enormous appetite, I am lucky enough to not be a picky eater and I might as well feed my body large amounts of healthy goodness. Mixed in with plenty of indulgences, and plenty of exercising. Why do you think those of us who run, run? Runner’s high is no joke and is the reason I get my booty on a subway at 5:00AM most days of the week to get my run on at the gym before my day starts. But running is a fantastic and semi-easy way to burn calories very efficiently. You simply need food (CARBS) to run. Your body feels better and gets faster when you are feeding it healthy fuel. My approach to losing the weight I needed to lose was the most laid back thing that has ever occurred in my life. If you know me, you would probably never use “laid back” to describe me. I am generally complaining about something, but always making jokes and being sarcastic. I am INSANELY friendly and bubbly to people, and it has been nothing but helpful for me especially at work! But, laid back I am not. I freak out when I miss workouts (working on that) and definitely am hard on myself when I have an un-planned indulgence. All of this has gotten better since reading so many healthy living blogs. I see that these girls are maintaining their weight through running, strength training (I am still waiting to fall in love with this…), and plenty of sweets. When I first started my weight loss journey, I truly did not have a goal. I was convinced I could never stop eating fast food for all 3 meals, but that I should at least be working out. I started with very simple 1-2 mile walks per day, and inconsistently going to the gym with a friend. I made extremely small changes, just adding a fruit in here and there and then having a burger or sandwich with just one piece of the bun. I slowly gave up regular soda for diet and more water, and eventually gave myself 1 day a week to eat what I wanted (the elusive “Cheat Day). To this day, I still have a cheat day (although they have been turning into cheat weekends…) and it keeps me sane. Eventually I had lost 65 pounds. I plataued for a few months until I discovered an iPhone app that would allow me to track all of my eats and exercises. I have been faithfully logging my every bite and step for over a year now on, which is what took the last 45 pounds off. I use this to maintain my weight now, and have recommended it to many friends who have been successful in their weight loss too! I do not believe that short-term diets or just dieting in general will ever work, but this is just simply keeping yourself accountable and making meal-to-meal and day-to-day decisions to get healthier. It took a long time for me to understand that one slip-up does not mean I have to go insane for the rest of the day/week. Start over at your next meal. Go for a brisk walk, or if you’re lucky to love it- a run. I am still a work in progress with being so hard on myself, but I have truly gotten to know myself better than I thought possible in the last 2 years of my journey.

My hope for this blog is to show you that a balanced, healthy lifestyle is totally obtainable. And it’s obtainable no matter what your schedule is. Once you finally stop making excuses and realize you are in control of your life and if you want to make things happen, you just have to DO IT! The last 2 years I have juggled being a full-time college student online, working up to 3 jobs (there were weeks containing 80 hours of work!), having a social life, and still working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I want to photograph and talk about my eats and workouts, along with some fashion and other random goodness. I also want to help. I want anyone and everyone to feel comfortable to ask me ANY questions (I do not get embarrassed!) regarding anything, but definitely weight loss/fitness. I plan on being myself (scary) and very open (creepy), just a warning! Enjoy 🙂


5 thoughts on “The first!”

  1. Jen I love this! You have done such a geat job loosing all the weight you have! You continue to inspire me day after day & for that there are not enough Thanks you’s in the world for that! However, thank you for all the tips you have gave me & all the inspiration you have shared!!

  2. Seriously, I am what you used to be…. Height, weight, age, eating habits, everything… I hate how I look and how I feel… Im a mom of 3 and I feel like Ill never lose this weight… Any advise?

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