One seriously delicious day

It has been one of the most delicious days of my life. First: a small re-cap of yesterday. After work, one of my awesome co-workers Erica came over to go out in the city and stay at my place. We went to Caitlin’s in midtown and had an absolute blast drinking bottles of Pinot Grigio and hanging with some fabulous gay guys. My best friend Brenda came over and we were going out to celebrate her birthday. I was super proud of myself for only drinking the wine and passing on the shots of vodka. It’s not that I have a drinking problem, because I really hate the taste of liquor. But I can drink a LOT and do and it results in me puking and blacking out every single time. It’s not fun for me and it’s especially not fun for my boyfriend babysitter. I just felt great from the wine and decided that’s where I would stop! We went to Justin Timberlake’s restaurant Southern Hospitality for a drink (I just had water) but it was already almost 3:00AM! We went to a diner for some food, and I was pretty happy that my order got so screwed up that I ended up not eating. We hadn’t eaten dinner before we drank, so I did have some oatmeal and yogurt when I got home to ease any hangover that might ensue. I woke up feeling great! Erica, John and I headed to my favorite bagel place on the planet, Absolute Bagel. You want an authentic, amazing NYC bagel? Go there. It’s on West 108th Street, and you need to order the pumpernickel raisin bagel with bacon, egg and cheese. And an OJ because it’s vitamin C-licious and a hangover kicker. Your heavenly meal will look like this:

nom nom nom nom nom

After we scarfed those suckers down we headed back to my apartment and I walked with Erica back over to Jersey. I live on the way upper west side of Manhattan but work in Jersey. It’s about a 2.5 mile walk over the George Washington Bridge and I walk to and from work almost every day. It’s a GORGEOUS view! Plus I don’t want to give NJ transit my money for their dirty busses πŸ™‚ I decided to run the other 2.5 miles back home and it was ROUGH. A slight hangover plus a full belly of bagel and OJ, but I ended up doing a pretty decent 9:19 mile pace. Once I got back home it was time to decide on an expensive restaurant for dinner with John. This will most likely be the only time we’ll ever be looking for an expensive dinner in NYC! But John’s work wanted to reward his hard-work with a nice dinner wherever we wanted to go. Neither of us are into fancy, pricey foods so this was actually a challenge. It was between Buddakan (from the 1st Sex&the City movie at their rehearsal dinner) and the Iron Chef’s restaurant Morimoto. We decided on Morimoto and could only get reservations for 5:30 or 10:30. Early bird special, here we come.

We hopped on the subway and made the trek to the Meatpacking District. Morimoto is connected to Chelsea Market which is one of my favorite places in the city! We walked in and ended up being the ONLY people in the place besides the workers. It is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in this place. Dimly light, lots of white, and a gorgeous open sushi kitchen right in the middle. We were greeted by a waiter who explained the menu to us and made some great suggestions. I pretty much have to start with a salad at any restaurant I go to, or my entree is usually a salad, because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE salads! I started with the tempura calamari salad which was calamari topped with mixed greens, crispy shallots and a miso dressing. When John didn’t order an appetizer (he is the pickiest eater alive and never gets an appetizer) the waiter asked if we would be sharing the salad because it was huge. I told him it was just for me and he didn’t believe I would finish it myself. He was sadly mistaken. You couldn’t actually see the calamari when it was served. I used to love calamari, but I never eat fried food anymore except my occasional sweet potato fries. Fried anything makes me very sick now. But tempura batter is lighter, and this was honestly the best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.

where are you calamari?

The miso dressing and shallots were so amazing. The smell was very nutty and asian dressing like. When I finally saw the calamari, my heart stopped. They were fat and not greasy at all. They were crispy but not in a vegetable-oil fried way. The tempura was so light and buttery, and the dressing on them was so incredible. This is hands down the best thing I have ever eaten and now my favorite salad in the world. It was $17 which is not much more than I pay for salads at other places in the city. I’m not sure if they do take out, but this needs to somehow be in my life at least once a month!


One of my favorite things about John is how happy he gets when I really love something. He was smiling like an adorable little dork the whole time I was eating this (and moaning and shoveling it into my mouth at lightning speed.. things that one shouldn’t do at an expensive restaurant). He got one picture of me right before I began my foodgasm journey. This was me before my life was changed forever:

let me eat.

I naturally shed a few tears once I was done and had to restrain myself from ordering another. Our entree’s came out shortly after this was housed. I never go to fancy restaurants, but one of my favorite parts is how beautiful the food looks because the chef’s take the time to make them look great. My entree was the roasted ocean trout with turnips and prosciutto. I never order fish except salmon, and the waiter recommended this fish because it was similar to salmon but tasted a lot less fishy. The mashed turnips looked and tasted just like potatoes but lighter. I loved that the entree was not oily or greasy and tasted super fresh.

roasted ocean trout with turnips & prosciutto

John ordered a filet of steak called Wagyu (i despise steak, but i guess it was great!) and it came with little potatoes and yellowtail strips with tomatoes and avocado. The boy hates fish, vegetables, and anything that’s not red meat, chocolate, or fried. He tried a few bites of the avocado and yellowtail, but I got to finish the rest πŸ™‚ I don’t do desserts because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I can definitely appreciate desserts and it’s the one thing I can eat in moderation because small amounts of sugar give me major tummy aches. (Yes, I still say tummy aches.) There were 2 desserts that sounded amazing to John, but he ordered the one that I said sounded good enough for me to have a few bites. It was the creme de chocolate, and here is the description: caramel almonds, caramel apricot sauce, almond foam, praline and caramel ice cream. Here she is:

creme de chocolate

The almonds were amazing! I had a few bites of the almond foam and the first layer underneath was the caramel ice cream and caramel apricot sauce. The majority of the bottom was a pudding-type chocolate and I didn’t like it. John happily finished it.

my love! πŸ™‚

After he finished this… he ordered a SECOND DESSERT. He went with the warm flourless chocolate cake with this description: caramel popcorn and rice crispies, cocoa sauce, white chocolate foam, peach sorbet. It was so gorgeous on the plate!

random bits of goodness

I am not a fan of cake and especially chocolate cake, but I wanted to try the flourless kind and it was good! It was really mushy and tasted like dark chocolate, not too sweet. I ate a few bites of the caramel popcorn, and a taste of the peach sorbet (so so good). John finished and we both needed to be wheeled out of the restaurant and crane lifted πŸ™‚ Before we left, I ran into Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes on the way to the bathroom! He was so nice! I obviously had to sneak a creepy pic.

ace of cakes

It was the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Afterwards we walked around Chelsea Market and some streets for awhile before heading home. It’s been 7 hours since we ate, and I am still so full! That never happens… Morimoto, you rock. I’m in need of a good night of sleep and a very intense workout tomorrow morning!


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