extra sleep & sweet potatoes

I had every intention of going to a strength training class or doing 30 day shred last night to get back into weight training, but for some reason I was BEYOND exhausted all day. I couldn’t understand why, but then I remembered… I ran 5 miles and walked almost 7. Over the summer I had so much energy and would work out sometimes 3 times a day. But, it made me really anxious and even though I got into great shape, I would beat myself up if I only worked out once a day. I wasn’t happy because I spent ALL of my time outside of work working out and neglected my friends and John. I finally realized, what’ the point? I’m at my goal weight and I don’t need to kill myself anymore. I’m feeling a little soft right now without the weight training, but I’m a lot happier because I am listening to my body and sleeping when I need it and spending time with the people I love. So when I got home last night, I took a nap, did some homework, ate, then went back to sleep until 7 this morning. I feel refreshed now! Last night’s dinner was super simple but delicious:

canned salmon, grape tomatoes & cukes w/ pink salt

This was basically a dessert, but so healthy and SO delicious. Small sweet potato cut & microwaved until soft, sugar-free pancake syrup, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and a spoon of creamy natural peanut butter.

I think it’s safe to say natural peanut butter is my favorite food in the universe since I eat it 3 times a day. I have been eating it for about 6 months now, once I finally got over my fear of any fat in foods. It keeps me full and other than nut butter and nuts, I don’t really get fat from anywhere else.

This morning was my 3rd morning in a row eating my oatmeal/banana/syrup/peanut butter/egg white bowl with pumpkin coffee. It is beyond amazing and keeps me full until almost noon! I walked my 2.3 miles to work this morning, and I actually jogged for a little bit because I was running late. Picture me running on a bridge with a huge Marc Jacobs bag in hand, not dressed for a run at all. Gotta fit in exercise where you can! 🙂 Tonight is Zumba & Froyo-for-dinner night with Caitlin!! SUPER excited. We haven’t been able to go to Zumba in like 3 weeks due to my bum knee, so we are ready to shake it. After an hour of trying to dance, we will be heading to 16 Handles to have PUMPKIN FROYO!!! Seasonal flavors of froyo/ice cream/coffee/muffins/anything are one of the huge reasons I love the months of Oct-Dec. At least we balance the indulgence with an hour of looking like fools trying to move the hips that we were not blessed with! It’s fun, and we get super sweaty so it’s worth it. I might even let Caitlin take a picture of my sweet moves…Stay tuned 😉


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