a little deep, a lot of yum

When my alarm went off at 4:45 this morning, I realized just over 4 hours of sleep was NOT going to cut it and I was super sore from Zumba… so I went back to sleep until 7 🙂 I really love that I have felt more laid back about working out this week. I can’t put myself through the mental bashing anymore, and truthfully all the running I do and the lack of fueling properly makes me not feel good. I am concentrating on eating more and being okay with it, which this blog is helping with, and starting to focus on strength training. I will still run because I love it, but I am not going to demand my body to run 6 miles almost everyday of the week and be too afraid to eat back what I’ve burned! It’s a semi-private struggle of mine that I have been dealing with since I’ve gone into maintenance mode. It’s just very hard to get out of the losing weight mindset and stop obsessing over counting calories. I believe 100% that counting calories and tracking what you eat is important in successfully losing weight, but it can get out of hand and obsessive as it has gotten with me. I am toying with the idea of backing away from using myfitnesspal.com and starting to transition into intuitive eating. My body only wants healthy food with the occasional splurge, and I love to exercise so I shouldn’t be so scared. I just want to stop thinking about how many carbs, how much fat, how much protein and give my body what it wants. This week has been a test and even though I have still tracked my food, I have felt less anxious and more able to truly enjoy the food that I make and love. Work in progress, people! Now that I’ve gone all deep, I can show you my eats so far today 🙂


4 days in a row of my delicious oats and pumpkin coffee. This seriously makes my whole morning, and keeps me full until lunch at 1-ish!

I walked over to the grocery store near work to sit at Starbucks and eat my lunch. I am sickly obsessed with grocery stores so I had to browse first. So glad I did because I scored some great things!

so. necessary.

This plain Fiber 1 cereal is my favorite yogurt mix-in and I haven’t had it in months because it’s $6 a box in NYC! This store had it on sale for $2.50!! If I didn’t have to walk over 2 miles on a bridge to get home from work, I would have bought the whole shelf. Another can of pumpkin, why not? The pink and white jar is an amazing apple butter made from nothing but apples and cider with no added sugar! And this is my 1st time trying the 2% plain Chobani… I always get the 0% but they were out. Since I’m trying not to be afraid of food (this had 30 more calories and 3.5  grams of fat… thats NOTHING!), I bought this and will now never turn back. It was SO creamy and it didn’t even need my 8 packets of splenda! I mixed in 2 tbsps of the apple butter and topped with a handful of Fiber 1 goodness.

I brought a random mix of whatever I had left in my fridge in a huge bowl:

carrots, mushrooms, feta, canned salmon, hummus & mustard

I love the feeling of using up every ounce of produce and not wasting food! It also makes the end of the week super creative and funny for lunch! I’m even out of eggs which breaks my heart, but there’s no point in buying groceries since tomorrow is Friday and I am heading upstate to visit my family for the weekend!! Over the summer I was going almost every weekend, but now it’s been a whole month and I’m missing them so much. I am planning on cooking and trying out recipes all weekend long, plus eating some of my favorite pizza and going for a beautiful run to see all the fall leaves! My afternoon snack today is a Gala apple with a scoop of mixed nut butter drizzled with honey. Caitlin and I are planning on a strength training sesh at the gym after work tonight, and then I have homework and packing to do. I cannot wait to head upstate! 🙂


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