Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday is quickly becoming my new favorite day. Work is a little more bearable because after work is Zumba & Froyo-for-dinner night with Caitlin! I headed out for my usual lunch-break walk and realized I was starving, which worked out great because I found a totally amazing healthy Mediterranean lunch spot! I never buy my lunch but the menu was amazing and really cheap. This was also super spontaneous for me because I feel really anxious when I have meals planned and I don’t follow through with them. I’m working on it. This was too good to pass up:

beet salad with goat cheese & a few walnuts

I am OBSESSED with beets! I needed protein so I got a side of chicken:

The beets and goat cheese were so flavorful I didn’t need the dressing that came on the side. The owner was so friendly and gave me a sample of their hummus with olive oil (which I smothered all over the salad, mmm) and tabbouleh salad!

I was so happy it was so good and kept me full til almost 5! Plus I still got to walk over a mile. Snack time was greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, Trader Joe O’s, cinnamon & a side of peanut buttah.

Caitlin and I walked the 2.3 miles over the bridge and went on to our Zumba class. She had a delicious, sticky granola bar while I ate my cold mushy egg white sammy that was supposed to be my lunch. Jealous. Zumba is seriously the most fun a workout could ever possibly be. Our instructor is AMAZING, it’s a FREE class, and there is awesome music. Being in a room full of women who are dancing and having a blast is really uplifting! After we worked up a sweat, we finally got our dreams fulfilled.

pumpkin froyo!!!!!!

The pumpkin is the best flavor I’ve honestly ever had. It didn’t need toppings, but you don’t go to 16 Handles and not get toppings. It’s against the law. I went easy on them though since I wanted to taste as much pumpkin as possible! On top is a few banana slices, carob chips, exactly 5 Reece Pieces, mini peanut butter cups and a dash of crushed graham cracker. Peanut Butter + Pumpkin = the best flavors of all time in your mouth dancing and having a blast. Thank God they don’t offer free refills.

Just when we thought our Wednesday couldn’t get better… we stumble upon 30 Rock being shot at Lincoln Square! You can’t see from the crappy pic, but we had a direct view of Alec Baldwin’s gorgeous face in the back of that limo! LOVE HIM!

Hi Alec Baldwin!

We wanted to stay to try to catch a glimpse of Tina Fey, but we were freezing and sleepy 😦 I did make a stop into Whole Foods because I’m out of bananas and that’s not okay with me. Naturally you don’t go into Whole Foods without making a bowl of randomness from the salad bar.

dinner # 2

This is the smallest bowl I’ve ever created from WF! But, I wasn’t very hungry after the froyo. I felt that I needed a little veggies and protein to balance. In the mix: gingered carrots, beets, sauteed eggplant, some random sprout salad, and lemon tofu. I am OBSESSED with their tofu, and it’s not even something I would ever buy to make myself. I may or may not have eaten 5 or 6 chunks of tofu on the way to the register… it’s cheaper that way 😉 I have a run planned for 5AM, and it’s now 12:30. I CAN DO IT! 🙂


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