Sick & Snacky

My co-workers have been battling colds for weeks now, while I remained strong and healthy… until today. I’ve had that tingly nose feeling all day, sneezing, and for some reason whenever I’m sick I am SUPER snacky. I don’t want meals, I just want a million and a half snacks that don’t fill me up and annoy me. Does this happen to anyone else? I just read the other day that it’s normal to have a heightened appetite when you’re sick (except stomach/flu’s) because your body is working extra hard to fight off the cold. Any excuse to eat more and have it justified, you bet I’m partaking 😉

I woke up before my alarm on a non-gym day… how annoying! I was STARVING but didn’t want to eat my overnight oats yet because it was only 6 AM. I had a small bowl of Trader Joe O’s (just like plain Cheerio’s), a layer of frozen blueberries (TRY THIS IN YOUR CEREAL!), and a little bit of my Fiber 1 cereal with unsweetened almond milk, and a scoop of apple butter. And I made iced coffee out of my TJ’s pumpkin coffee! It was everything you can imagine.


When is one bowl of cereal ever enough? I had another small bowl of just the plain O’s with a scoop of peanut butter and then I was finally full. I decided to take my overnight oats with me to work for one of my meals/snacks. I’m sure I made them wrong, but I wasn’t a fan. In my bowl last night I mixed:

  • 1/3 rolled oats
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/3 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 banana
  • probably 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • cinnamon/ pumpkin pie spice
When I looked at them this morning in the fridge, they were still really liquid-y. My cereal held me over (surprisingly) until my lunch at 1, so I ate this for my lunch. I added some peanut butter (obviously), but it didn’t do it for me.


Oh well, I still got to sit outside in the gorgeous sun! About an hour after lunch, I started eating my snacks.

Whole wheat sandwich thin with TJ’s creamy natural PB, 1/2 banana and honey 🙂 SO GOOD!

Gala apple slices with a scoop of mixed nut butter (from Chelsea Market) and honey. Today has been very carb-y (which I’m fine with! all good carbs!) but not enough protein for me. I’m heading home before I catch the bus upstate and am going to make a big egg white and spinach omelet with green beans and carrots on the side. I am needing protein and veggies badly! I’ll be arriving upstate after midnight tonight, and hopefully feel good enough tomorrow morning to get in a good gym session in the morning. I’m going to need it… my parents feed me gooooood when I’m visiting 🙂

Do you get snacky or extra hungry when you’re sick?

Does your body crave protein/veggies after a heavier carb day?

Does anyone else look forward to a fattening weekend of delish foods when visiting home?

I totally do, because I have no trouble getting back on track. Plus I usually work out more on weekends. I will forever and always look forward to my cheat day/weekends! It’s worked for me for 2 years. Cheat days to me mean eating at maintenance calories or slightly above (2100-2500), but never above that!


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