stay true to yourself

Had an amazing, relaxing weekend with my AMAZING family upstate! I am so beyond blessed to have the family that I have. They do not make it easy to leave, even after 6 months of living in NYC. They also do not make it easy to button my skinny jeans as they love to stuff me with food 😉 Here’s the weekend re-cap in pictures:

leaving NYC..3 bags for 2 days. the usual!

{Insert fastest 5 mile run I’ve done Saturday morning.. 5 miles in 43:21, 8:39/pace!! 🙂 }

post-run refuel.. turkey, egg whites, ketchup, JALAPENO SUNCHIPS ❤


Special K blueberry, frozen blueberries, Silk light vanilla milk
salad & pizza.. my favorite meal EVER!
my momma and i!
daddy and i!
making my grama breakfast.. pumpkin oatmeal pancakes 🙂
salad w/ turkey pastrami and FULL-FAT RANCH DRESSING! indulgence ❤
veggie burger on multi-grain roll, tomatoes with miracle whip (YUM!)
mom loved my veggie burgers!
sorry for how pretty i am after working out! 😉

pumpkin farm!
favorite thing in life... pumpkins!
gramas pulled pork on a salad beast w/ light 1000 island.. nom nom


upstate classic for fall.. Cider Mill ❤
3 ingredient pumpkin muffins with pumpkin butter.. ahhh

Everything about this weekend was so fall… except for the weather, it was unusually hot for this time of year. It felt SO great to indulge and eat delicious food with the people I love the most. My family brings out my best, and reminds me to stay true to yourself. I miss them already!






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