healthy eating on the go

All the traveling and lack of sleep caught up to me last night big time and I was ready for bed when I walked through the door at 7. Unfortunately, homework, Rachel Zoe and dinner were stopping me. I would never choose sleep over food. Sorry I’m not sorry 🙂 To make homework a little more bearable, I decided to bust out the compression socks. My legs have been hella tight and crampy lately, and I think I will go ahead and equate that to my faster running pace. Makes me sound athletic, right? Anyone who is active should invest in a pair of these. Also, feel free to copy my style as long as you give me credit 😉

risky business

Back tracking to yesterday morning. I met Caitlin at the Sheraton hotel in midtown where our new gym is. Going to 200th street at 5 AM to workout? Torture. Going to midtown Manhattan to workout in a gorgeous hotel? AMAZING. Our sweet deal gets us 6 months access to their cardio/weights, unlimited classes, pool, and shower/towel service. Everything is new and there’s just something about being in a hotel that always has made me happy. After registering, we only had time for a quick workout so I did 25 minutes of sprint intervals. I hate these more than anything. But if you want a killer workout in 25 minutes, this is the way to go. I was dripping more sweat than I do on a 6 mile run! We did some abs/Pilates and found that they have foam rollers, a Bosu, resistance bands, and medicine balls which is a major score in the gym department. The showers are super nice and it was less stressful than I imagined having to lug all of my clothes, shower items, and food for the day since we were heading to work right after. Before I get into my yummy meals of yesterday, I wanted to elaborate on the fact that you CAN make time for exercise and being healthy no matter what your schedule is. It absolutely takes planning and effort, but it all boils down to how bad you want it. I’ve heard people make every excuse there is, and I was the same way up until my weight loss.

A good way to start is by scheduling your workouts and prepping your foods ahead of time. Being a New Yorker, scheduling is a MUST for every aspect of life. Schedule workouts just like you schedule your meetings and happy hour with your friends. In order to fit in working out into my 10 hour work days and hours of homework most nights, I begin most of my weekdays at 5 AM. This is honestly the best way to make sure you fit in exercise. It’s not going to be easy at first, but the energy you will have after a good morning work out will shock you. Whether it’s going outside for a run or walk, going to the gym, or doing a DVD in your living room, start your day with exercise so that if anything comes up after work, you will already have gotten it over with for the day. If you’re an evening exerciser and it works for you, great! The best form of exercise is the one you will commit to, bottom line. Another tip I have, especially for you New Yorkers, is to incorporate exercise into your commute. I purposely walk over 4.5 miles just to work and back at least 4 times per week. If you’re always running late like me, it will be a brisk walk that will get your heart pumping and shed a few extra calories. I don’t miss having a car one bit, because it really does make you lazier!

As for food on the go, it’s a challenge but it’s a fun one! Saving money and being healthy are the top priorities for me, so I stock up on the essentials like oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter, protein powder, eggs, whole wheat wraps, greek yogurt, nuts, fruit/nut/protein bars and plenty of containers. Hard boil a bunch of eggs and keep them in your fridge so you can grab them for breakfast along with a whole wheat wrap spread with natural peanut butter. Keep portioned amounts of nuts in your purse in zip-lock bags. Granola, fruit/nut or protein bars are the easiest thing to toss in your tote and have for a snack instead of reaching for the candy jar or the doughnuts your co-workers scarf down. Make sure you are buying ones that use natural ingredients, such as Kind or Larabar. Cliff bars are great too. When it comes to lunch, I bring a salad and a small container of hummus as my dressing. For an easier lunch, make a classic turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, any veggies, and spread some avocado or hummus for good fat and flavor instead of mayo. Once a week I buy my lunch out of either running out of food at home to bring, or just to switch it up. I stick with Subway or a restaurant who can make me a salad the way I want it. When the afternoon munchies hit you, snack on a greek yogurt with some high fiber cereal mixed in, or a scoop of natural peanut butter on an apple. There’s nothing wrong with snacking, just make sure it’s healthy and fits within your calorie range.

Yesterday’s eats:

iced coffee w/skim, whole wheat wrap w/PB, banana, 3 egg whites (unpictured)
Subway turkey salad w/ all veggies & avocado (no dressing), sunchips, diet coke, scoop of Trader Joe's horseradish hummus


rest of my mixed nut butter with a sliced asian pear
cukes, mushrooms, scoop of TJ's garlic hummus, herbed goat cheese, canned chicken

I love dinners with just a plate of cold veggies, a protein, a dip, and a cheese. Simple, satisfying, delish.

I wanted to use another packet of the protein powder I’m reviewing, so I made a little dessert with it. That jar of peanut butter you see is a natural PB mixed with dark chocolate. It’s an amazingly healthy treat, and it comes in a bunch of flavors. You can find it at Walmart or Wegmans, my upstate-ers! GET YOU SOME!

Chobani greek yogurt, About Time vanilla protein powder, frozen bloobs, scoop of Dark Choc PB

I got a good night of sleep and let myself sleep in this morning. Woke up and made my favorite breakfast, an oatmeal mess, after 5 days of not having it! I added a new ingredient which I am pretty stoked about and will blog about later! Tonight is zumba and after my indulgent weekend, I’m going to say no to froyo-for-dinner and make a stir-fry salad instead. Balance! But, I’m pretty sure this weekend will include a make-up session of froyo 😉


9 thoughts on “healthy eating on the go”

  1. I’m loving your blog as well! You are truly inspiring me. I had only been to Trader Joe’s once but after reading your blog , I”m Hooked!! I found so many awesome , healthy foods there that I didn’t notice before reading your descriptions. Thanks. I’ve been trying to recreate your “oatmeal mess” but havent’ been successful..can you give me the recipe and how you create it? Also where did you find your running socks! I’ve newly moved to Richmond Virginia and have been looking everywhere for them and haven’t found them yet!! Thanks again!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Since moving to NYC about 6 months ago, I don’t know how I survived without Trader Joe’s! I love Whole Foods too, but it’s just too expensive except for little splurges 🙂 My oatmeal mess recipe: 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup wheat bran, 1 teaspoon chia seeds (or flax), cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice, 3 egg whites cracked right into the bowl, and topped off with unsweetened vanilla almond milk until its covered (but not swimming)- nuke for 2 minutes, take out and stir, add sliced banana or apple slices, back in the micro for a minute. Once its out, I top it with sugar free pancake syrup and a scoop of natural peanut butter 🙂 See, its a mess! haha As for running socks, I have 1 pair of Asics and i dont like them at all, they’re too thin. I just buy ankle athletic socks from TJ Maxx (i think most of mine are puma or nike) because they are super cheap there! I need to buy thicker ones for the winter though. Thanks again so much for reading! 🙂

      1. Oh wow, thank wonder I wasn’t getting the oatmeal right..I was so confused about the eggwhites and almond milk and when it should go in..i’ve just been making it with peanut butter and fiber one tossed Thanks for clarifying..i’m going to try your way tomorrow..I like all the healthy stuff you have in it..oh and I misspoke..I didn’t mean running socks..I meant your running tights..or support socks..what ever their called..u are wearing them in this again!!

      2. I know it seemed weird to put egg whites in oatmeal but i LOVE egg whites and they just make the oatmeal last longer in your belly! My roommate always laughs at me when I make it because its everything in my cupboard thrown in haha My compression socks are just from a drug store, in the diabetic section! lol They are used for diabetics and athletes, but if you get them at a sports store you’re going to pay way more. They feel amazing and I cannot wait to jump in them tonight! 🙂

  2. Oh wow!! I had not thought of getting that kind!! I’m a nurse..Should have thought of that!! Awesome.I’m def going to pick some up..I’m training for 1/2 marathon and I know they would help but haven’t been able to find them.Hey btw I added you on MFP..That’s how I found your blog. We have a mutual friend there. Heather Winnie I think is her real name..haha..Have a great night..thanks for your blog..I enjoy and look forward to it everyday.

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