Heart Rate Monitor

I came home Thursday night to find my new toy waiting for me.. a Polar heart rate monitor! For those of you who are not fitness nerds, a heart rate monitor is something you wear during a work out that monitors your heart rate throughout to let you know if you’re in a fat burning or fitness level of cardio, and how many calories you’re actually burning based on your height, weight and gender. I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to get one because I didn’t need another excuse to be obsessed with calories, but I decided it would help me with my running and the fact that I tend to run way too fast when I’m starting, which makes my runs feel exhausting every single time instead of enjoyable. Plus I’m dying to know what I burn during kickboxing, zumba and strength training! This is mostly because if it’s higher than I have been estimating, I can eat more! Is that one of my main goals in life? Yep. No shame. It’s definitely not the Michael Kors watch I am dying for, in fact it’s pretty oogly.

I put it on Thursday night, popped in 30 Day Shred and went nuts with level 2. Halfway through, I glance at the watch and realize I never started it. Me + technology do not get along. Ignore the fact that I work for an internet company… I don’t even have a full page of iPhone apps because I can’t figure half of them out. I could have finished shredding, but I was annoyed and starving. Dinner was steamed broccoli, a chicken burger, Classico sweet basil sauce & 8 pounds of parm cheese. Plus a salad with stir fry veggies, guacamole and Asian dressing. Enough vegetables to make you poop for a year, if you have a normal intestinal system.

Woke up at 4:45 AM Friday to head uptown to the gym. I was planning on a slower 5 miles, but the train took FOREVER to come so I only had time for a quick 3 miles in 27 minutes. Not bad! I was stoked to see I burn about 98 calories per mile running. One perk of being taller/having muscles is I weigh more (not the perk) therefore burn more. I got in a quick tan and took a fast shower at home because I was SO hungry. Raging appetite, please calm down. It was so chilly and the perfect morning for an oatmeal mess. I was out of fresh fruit and almond milk, so I used skim milk and frozen blueberries plus some pumpkin butter! Mixed with the peanut butter it was crazy good. It also kept me completely full til lunch at 1:30. Love that!

Friday’s I get lunch out because I’ve run out of food at home. It’s usually Subway because I have a points card and earn free salads fast! Plus the guy at the Subway near my work is very generous with the turkey and sweet peppers 🙂 I brought the last of my Trader Joe’s spicy pico de gallo with avocado as dressing.

I was also MASSIVELY craving cottage cheese with fruit. I literally haven’t eaten cottage cheese in at least 8 months. So I got some with grapes and pineapple. It was also crazy good and filling.

I can’t complain that 99% of my cravings are vegetable and fruit related. Momma raised me right 😉

Afternoon snack was a Chobani greek yogurt mixed with my remaining pumpkin butter and some Fiber 1 cereal. I ate this while walking home from work and realized people who saw me thought I was eating a whole jar of pumpkin butter. I’m fine with that 😉

I packed my stuff for the weekend and met Caitlin and her friends at Angelica’s Kitchen in the East Village for dinner before my bus. Unfortunately we couldn’t get seated fast enough for me to eat there, but I ordered the salad I had been drooling over all day to go with a piece of their amazing spelt cornbread. It had pieces of vegetables all throughout it and was delicious! The salad was greens, marinated beets, chickpeas, olive oil & lemon juice with pieces of garlic crostini topped with tofu ricotta spread. It was to die for, but I had to eat it while waiting for my bus at Port Authority… not classy. John met me to wait with me and had his dinner while I had mine. His dinner was a caramel pecan cinnabon… no words for that boy. Had to get proof of this:

My best friend Brenda picked me up at 3 AM at the bus station and we sat in her car and talked until 5 AM! No matter how long we go without seeing each other, it’s always just like old times. She uplifts me no matter what I’m going through, and she is the only person who can do that to me. When I think about the fact that she has put up with me for this many years and still loves me, I want to cry! I love her beyond words and I don’t know where I’d be without her. I love you Bwendie 🙂

Unfortunately I spent hours wide awake and still haven’t been able to sleep for more than 3 hours, so I’m feeling kinda under the weather. My parents brought me a pumpkin bagel this morning and now I’m  making a salad with turkey pastrami for lunch. I’m just crazy tired and wish I could sleep and have some energy 😦 I hope to get sleep tonight so I can run in the morning. Currently I’m blogging, reading other blogs, and watching the Kardashians on my parents couch. Have a great fall weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Heart Rate Monitor”

  1. Good for you eating so well while away from home!! Congrat’s on the heart monitor! I had one and used it for years! It really does make a difference!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

    1. Haha that was the afternoon of my 1st day at home.. trust me, i did not eat well! wayyyy too much food and no exercise at all.. oh well 🙂

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