up and down

After blogging and crying some more Monday night, I ate dinner which was a chicken burger, broccoli & green beans with a generous topping of organic ketchup and Parmesan cheese.

I had the best cuddle session with John, and he made me sugar cookie tea. I fell asleep drinking it and was out COLD for the night, so I woke up right as my alarm went off at 4:15 AM. Are you jealous of that wake up call time? I had no energy or will to live Monday night (except to eat and cuddle!) so I had to be up extra early to make my breakfast and snacks to-go and pack my gym bag. I felt doubtful on my way to the gym like I knew I was going to feel shitty during my workout.. but it turned out to be a GREAT workout! I warmed up with a 2 mile run, did some weights and ab stuff for exactly 18 minutes (WOO!), then ran another 2 miles. I wore my heart rate monitor and I really loved it during the weight training. You burn less calories during but it’s a fun challenge to try to keep your heart rate up. It’s good to incorporate either jumping jacks or something of the sort in between sets to keep your heart rate up for extra calorie burn. It’s quite amazing how exercise renews you. I felt like a whole new person, and I didn’t cry once yesterday. Honestly, a lot of this has been fueled by the WORST PMS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I usually barely get cramps during PMS, but this has been off the charts. Even my legs have felt so sore and heavy. I’m chalking the crying spells and heavy legs up to PMS, and am honestly excited to have gotten my period today (TMI, I know) and can move on.
My work out and walk to work had me pretty hungry yesterday. I brought my dry oatmeal mess with me so that meant no egg whites and no almond milk. In the mix was 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup wheat bran, chia seeds, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder & cinnamon made with water. It wasn’t as creamy as with milk, but it was still delicious. Topped with a banana and peanut butter, obvs.
On my lunch I walked to the grocery store to buy yogurts to keep at work instead of dragging them with me every day. I also had to buy my lunch since I didn’t make it last night. I made a little salad at the salad bar with red pepper strips, beets, grilled chicken and feta. I haven’t had full-fat feta in awhile and just the little bit I added tasted AMAZING. I buy the fat-free at Trader Joe’s just so I can use more at once. Silly. I bought a jar of Skippy extra crunchy natural peanut butter to leave at work. I was hesitant as I could finish a jar of peanut butter in about 20 minutes, but this isn’t my favorite kind. It has all natural ingredients, but it does have a little bit of added sugar (like 1 gram per serving) so to me it doesn’t taste AS delicious as my Trader Joe’s PB. I was also craving a sweet potato like it was nobody’s business, so I brought that back and nuked it with a scoop of peanut butter. My co-workers must think I’m nuts with my gourmet and random lunches feasts.
Snacks included pumpkin seeds, carrots and a greek yogurt with PB2 and Fiber 1. Has anyone tried PB2? I just got another jar from Amazon, it’s amazing and mixes fabulously in yogurt! I also ordered a bag of EGG NOG COFFEE! I cannot wait to try that.
I really wanted to tag along with Caitlin and go to Forever 21 and Trader Joe’s, but Tuesday nights I am swamped with homework 😦 Tuesday nights are my nights to slap on the compression socks, curl up in bed and knock out homework and a yummy feast while watching Rachel Zoe. I did a few minutes of Jillian Michael’s yoga DVD and my arms and butt were burning! I had a lot of work to do last night, and of course this brought on a big stress fest. My dinner was great- lettuce, broccoli slaw, broccoli, green beans, canned salmon with ketchup, mustard and parmesan cheese on top. I’m sure it sounds gross, but try using ketchup and mustard as a dressing… it makes vegetables taste like a burger πŸ™‚ PS- my yoga mat on the floor is proof I tried Jillian’s DVD. Boo ya.

I also had a bowl of pumpkin, frozen blueberries and a little dab of peanut butter.

I was up late and did not need a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, strawberry preserves and a banana or a bowl of honey nut cheerios, but it happened. It’s all healthy, but it put me over my calories for the day which stresses me out since right now I’m trying to lose the 5 I’ve gained. So, I woke up feeling like crap. I was so hopeful yesterday because I was in such a great mood all day, but I was up so late that I didn’t make it to the gym this morning. I know I can turn the day around and feel better, so I’m staying positive and will go for either a run after work or sweat it out with Jillian. All I feel like doing is sleeping, which is never how I feel when I’m happy. John is upstate until Friday and I’m missing him like he’s away for a month. I’m such a baby right now. I need to make some changes in my life that are making me feel the way I feel, it’s just a matter of time. I feel disappointed in myself that I can’t snap out of this feeling, but it feels like nothing is really working. All I can do is stay as positive as possible!

What do you do when you feel low for more than a few days?


2 thoughts on “up and down”

  1. hey lady… i’ve been reading your blog here & there and I wanted to leave you a message. I see that you do a good job of incorporating your greens into your diet but I also know how difficult it can get when you have a busy schedule. I’m a night snacker so I’ve tried to switch my greens to the morning.. this smoothie works great! It gives me about 2+ servings of fruits and 2+ servings of greens.

    1 c. water
    1 c greens (I switch it up or mix between kale, spinach, collard greens– stems removed if you like)
    1 banana
    1 organic granny smith apple

    This makes 2 servings but it fills you up & its great! I started off with spinach because its a little sweeter and then worked my way into other greens. I suggest slicing the apple or banana and freezing it because putting ice cubes into the mix causes it to separate! Give it a try and let me know what you think!!

    Also– i’ve finally started my own blog but haven’t posted anything yet because all i’ve wanted to post about was food!.. I’ve decided i’m going to make a 2nd blog to post about what I eat, exercise & recipes! Thanks for the inspiration & keep on kicking butt girlfriend!

    1. Emily i loveeee you! I will def try that smoothie, i LOOOVE making them! i usually put protein powder in mine and use almond milk but i will try the water! I also have wanted to try using kale sometime too.. have you ever had kale chips? they’re easy to make but at Wegmans they have them in a bag near the organic nuts/candy section and they’re amazing. I’m so excited you started a blog!! Let me know if you want any help with it! I cannot wait to read πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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