4 New Loves

Yesterday I had 4 awesome new’s and fell in love with both. Of course two have to do with food and the other two with exercise… pretty much what I base my life around 🙂 I was super congested and sniffly but made my way to the gym at my 4:45 AM wake up call and ran 3.5 miles, used the foam roller on my knee (#1 new) and cried in pain (it’s supposed to hurt!), then decided to hop on an upright bike and try my hand at spinning. I have recently got a few emails from the various fitness magazines I subscribe to about spinning workouts that you can do if you can’t make it to a real spinning class. I’m dying to try a class, but my gym(s) do not offer them. I cranked up the resistance and biked for about 10 minutes and my heart rate got just as high as I do when I run! This is my #2 thing I fell in love with. I was quick to judge biking at the gym as pretty lazy, but the upright bikes that you can actually lift your hiney out of the seat and lean over are awesome! Now I can cross train and not want to fling myself off of the elliptical. Showered at the gym (this is saving me so much time and about $5 a month now washing my own towels! i love you hotel gym) grabbed some coffee and walked with Caitlin to work… those 4.5 miles we walk every day back and forth are great, however it’s getting REALLY cold. This is probably one of the reasons I’m sick 😦

Number 3 thing I fell in love with is a new breakfast/lunch switcheroo. I am cheap and broke and luckily eating breakfast foods for most meals is very cost efficient, not to mention healthy and delish. I made an awesome breakfast sandwich to bring with me that I made at night and kept in the fridge til I went to the gym. 100 calorie whole wheat sandwich thin, 3 egg whites, turkey bacon & organic ketchup. It’s especially yummy because it’s cold and I am weird and love cold food. I also had an apple and an unpictured scoop of peanut butter… it’s weird how fast the spoon goes from the jar to my mouth.

For a snack I had a huge plate of fruit courtesy of leftovers from a meeting at work where everyone ate the pastries and none of the fruit… more for me! I had another plate after this because I’m sick and need the vitamins (and also have an addiction to fruit).

Now, I can never give up my oatmeal mess so it has been moved to my lunch. It’s one of my greatest ideas ever.. it beats lugging a huge salad with heavy veggies around and means I can just triple my vegetable intake at dinner. It’s also great because when I go for a long chilly walk on my lunch break, I can come back and have a hot mess of oatmeal topped with half a jar of peanut butter. It’s a win win 🙂 Notice I brought a real tablespoon with me to measure instead of just hoping a overflowing plastic spoon is a tablespoon. Reality sucks.

Afternoon snackage was a Chobani yog with PB2 and a few almonds thrown in. This is PB2 before mixed into the yogurt.

After some homework and cleaning my kitchen, I was dying for raw vegetables with some dips. Don’t be mad at me for constantly craving veggies and fruits… they are the only things I can eat 89 pounds of and it’s considered healthy. Broccoli, peppers, and mushrooms with horseradish hummus in the middle.

I was also craving ranch and hot sauce mixed together, and mustard too. I make no sense, I know.

Now for my number 4 thing I fell in love with. Sweet potato, tuna, goat cheese and mustard. That probably sounds like an atrocious combination, but I can’t explain how amazing it really was together.

It’s now going to be my new dinner that I will obsess over and eat most nights but at least I will change it up and have salmon and chicken and probably eggs at some point 🙂

I thought I was feeling better but as the night went on I felt more and more sniffly so I made some eggnog tea (not as good as I thought it would be) and a little bowl of pumpkin, sugar free maple syrup and fat free reddi whip.

Yes, I obsess over eating clean 95% of the time but sometimes a girl has to have some chemicals that are supposed to taste like maple syrup and whipped cream but for 5 calories instead of 200. Oh and the light salad dressing.. at least Wish Bone has a reasonable amount of ingredients in it, unlike other brands that take up the whole label. I’m not perfect!

The gym did not happen this morning because I couldn’t breathe all night and got less than 3 hours total sleep. As you’ll see tomorrow, I had a lot of coffee today. I also had an awesome run on my lunch break, but you have to wait until tomorrow to get the deets! I know, you can hardly wait.

What are weird food combos that you love?


2 thoughts on “4 New Loves”

  1. Okay so two things– A. i’m SOOO glad you loved the bike! Only warning is DONT STOP PEDALING OR YOU WILL FLY OFF! (words of advice from someone who has experienced it them self) & #2, please tell me about this knee roller. My knee is the only thing that has been keeping me from working out. LOVE YOUR INSPIRING BLOG POSTS!!!!!!!

  2. Oh i can definitely see myself falling off the bike at some point… I have come very close to falling off of the treadmill and elliptical! The thing I used is called a foam roller… ive been hearing about it all over the fitness world and my gym has them! They are literally a long thick piece of foam and depending where your injury is, you roll on this foam thing and find the point where it hurts and then just apply pressure and slowly roll back and forth. I thought it wouldnt hurt at all, but it was killing me! But my knee felt better and I could walk after my run which I sometimes can’t!

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