I <3 NY

What an amazing experience to watch the NYC Marathon… So inspiring, and YES now I want to run it! πŸ™‚

Backing up to Friday… Brenda had a rough few days after finding out her sister (who is basically my sister as well!) is in the hospital after kidney problems 😦 Lorin, we love you and are always thinking of you! We met up for dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant, Noche Mexicana on the Upper West Side. It’s a really small place, but the food is so fresh tasting and worth the wait. Brenda had a salad and shrimp taco’s, John had pork taco’s, and I had a grilled chicken salad with 1 pork taco. Their pork taco’s are amazing and are marinated in pineapple and onions. The dressing for the salad is a little spicy, and a whole lot deeelish.

No paparrazi please.
It's normal to eat 2 plates of food, shh.

It was so nice to have dinner with my two favorites. Us 3 were inseparable when we lived upstate. John and Brenda have a connection (mostly through their love of cats, gross) that I always hoped my best friend and boyfriend would have! It’s important that my friends and family love the person I torture daily, or else they don’t deserve my torture πŸ™‚

Saturday I slept until 11 and felt amazing, no guilt at all. Got ready fast and headed to the Upper East Side to meet my favorite blogger of all time, Janae at http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com, and some other lovely bloggers/ ladies! Janae is hilarious, adorable, and an amazing runner who ran the NYC Marathon today all the way from Utah! I was starstruck meeting her, and she was even sweeter in person than I could have imagined. We sat in the party room because we’re awesome like that, and had such a blast.

loved all of these girls!
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After the awesome meet-up, John and I walked to Central Park and walked through the park for hours! It was the most beautiful fall day ever. I’m pretty sure I fell in love with NYC for the millionth time.

this is not from google.com, this is my pic!
so bright

ohhh loveee

a totally random bride.. how gorgeous are those dresses?!!!
marathon set up!
pumpkin macaroon.. enough said.

We walked through the park til it got dark then headed to one of ourΒ  favorite pizza places in the city, La Bella on 2nd Avenue. We took the A to 14th then decided to walk to East 32nd St for some more walking before devouring a pizza. Clearly we were trying to do our part to consume enough carbs for the marathoners πŸ˜‰ Pizza and salad will forever be my favorite meal ever. If you are in NYC, do yourself a favor and go to La Bella’s on 2nd Avenue. The waitresses and owners are SO funny and you feel like you’re eating at home.

pizza, i'll never leave you.

We are rowdy little kids and were home and in bed by 11. Bonus points for the fact that we gained an hour of sleep! I woke up at 7 when John was getting ready for work so I could get in a work out before watching the marathon all day. I stopped at Whole Foods on the way to pee (I can’t go more than 20 minutes without the potty, sorry) and got a little plate from their breakfast bar that I didn’t know existed! I’m a bad blogger and forgot to snap a pic, but I had a piece of granola french toast, bacon, and some egg whites topped with maple syrup. I forgot I wanted to run at the gym and I can’t eat right before I run, so I hopped on the elliptical for 10 minutes, biked for 10 then ran a nice, easy 2 miles. I threw on some runner looking clothes then hit the streets to walk from 7th Avenue over to 1st Avenue and 59th to watch the marathon at Mile 16!

sweaty and ready to go

The marathon was a very emotional experience, and I loved every single minute. I met some people from Florida that were there to see their dad, and we were right up against the baracades screaming and ringing our ING donated cow-bells (HILARIOUS!). I caught a glimpse of Janae and http://www.skinnyrunner.com and then made my way to 5th Avenue. It took over 30 minutes to walk from 1st to 2nd Ave because of the crowd! It generally takes less than 5 minutes to walk an avenue, if that. I ran from 2nd Ave to 5th and realized I want to start running over there because it was awesome.

Being at 59th St and 5th Ave was Mile 25, and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. We were screaming and cheering for them to keep going, they only had 1.22 miles left. Surprisingly most of the runners looked so happy and as if they had just began the race. A few looked like they were going to die, and one runner stopped and doubled over in pain touching his leg. He started to walk and another runner grabbed his hand and said “run with me.” I teared up at this because while running is competitive, you are there for your fellow runners. It doesn’t seem so cutthroat, and I can get behind that. I was always intimated by sports because of my huge anxiety about failing. Even though the marathon app didn’t work for most of the race, it worked when I needed it to the most and I knew that Janae was close when she was at Mile 24. Finally, I saw her and Skinny Runner and screamed my head off! They looked amazing, and like they were still enjoying running! I left the race feeling beyond inspired and wanting to run 26.2 miles… in a year πŸ™‚ I’ll see how my first 4 mile race goes in 2 weeks, but I definitely want to run the Binghamton 1/2 Marathon in May. It will mean a lot because it’s where I spent my whole life being overweight and completely inactive, and I can’t think of a more fitting place to have my first big race.

It was such a wonderful New York weekend. I seriously still can’t believe I live here.


4 thoughts on “I <3 NY”

    1. It was awesome meeting you! I have been stalking your blog all day and I LOVE it! I would love to run with you sometime, but you’d smoke me! I’m barely below a 10 minute mile! haha

  1. ummm LOVE your blog! I can see you are about as big of a PB addict as me πŸ™‚ Do you like pb2? I have been wanting to try it!

    SO fun meeting you, boot twin. Let’s get together soon?!

    1. HIIII! I love your blog too and I am copying that workout you posted a few posts ago!! Pb2 is really good mixed in with greek yogurt and in protein shakes.. its a really weird consistency when you mix it with water because i think i always add too much water.. but i use a scoop every day in my yogurt! I have a serious addiction to natural peanut butter though! I would LOVE to meet up!! I am dying to find someone to run with me on the weekends so I can get out of the gym and on the streets/ Central park! πŸ™‚

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