24 minutes on the elliptical

Nothing better than an early morning workout, especially on a Monday morning while feeling great and alive because you didn’t drink all weekend! 10 min warm up on the elliptical, 27 min weight training circuit w/ jump rope in between sets for higher heart rate, 24 min sprints on elliptical, stretch & abs. You may laugh at the 24 minutes, but I couldn’t bare another minute on it; I loathe the elliptical. But we need to become friends. Enjoy a sweaty, unattractive pic of me dying on it:
I didn’t run because my knee felt a little off and I am upping my mileage this week so I have to start cross-training and more weights so I can be a stronger runner and be injury-free. I am hoping and praying that my knee can hold up… I have to start training for half marathons because I want to do them really bad!
I brought a protein shake to have on the walk to work to ensure my muscles get yummy again. It had 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 scoop Chocolate PB2 and 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. My face is 34x chubbier in the morning, isn’t yours? Don’t pick on my Jersey Shore poof.. you have options in life, and I choose to work out in the morning and not wash my hair.
It’s crazy how fast you lose muscle endurance; a month ago I could do push-ups good and now I was collapsing after 5! I’ve hired Jillian Michaels to whip me back in shape. Actually I’m doing 30 day shred moves at the gym until I can bring my laptop and really follow it. It’s no joke- you can’t “phone it in” as she says. WTF does that even mean?
Breakfast was an oatmeal mess and my noon o clock snack was a TJ’s bloob greek yogurt with almonds. TJ’s fails on this guy, it was nothing compared to Chobani.
It is abnormally warm for November in NY, but I love it. Makes lunch break walks/runs so great! Lunch was egg sammy, carrots w/ hummus, plate of fruit and apple with PB. I am getting too used to the office meetings where no one wants the fruit except Caitlin and I 🙂
I had a ton of energy all day but started to crash on my walk home. I made lunch for today and a quick salad monster with tuna & goat cheese on the side.
I used TJ’s spicy asian vinaigrette for dressing and yellow mustard. It may sound revolting, but it’s damn good and if you come visit me in NYC I’ll make you one. I was falling asleep in my salad bowl at 8 PM which is sad. Not because of the time, but because I get home and 7 and am so ready for bed by 8. Waking up at 4:20 AM is not easy. I can’t wait to have a job that I love, doing what I love. I hope it’s on it’s way.

2 thoughts on “24 minutes on the elliptical”

    1. I figure if I do every other minute as fast as I possibly can, 24 minutes is plenty! haha Even the spinning bike I can only last about 10 minutes before my boredom kicks in.. i have to try a spinning class soon though!

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