Weekend work-out + food plans

Last night I was supposed to attend a meeting about information for the 2012 ING Marathon at Jack Rabbit Sports after work. I hustled down there and even though I had registered, the meeting was jam-packed and they have to hold another one next week! Looks like last weekends marathon got a LOT of people inspired 🙂 I hung out at the store with other fellow running nerds and got some information about joining a charity fundraiser team that would include training for different races, often ones that are sold out such as the NYC Half Marathon and of course the full NYC Marathon! I’m looking into Team In Training and see their pamphlets all over the city. I’m looking to take my running to the next level and most importantly- RUN WITH OTHER PEOPLE! I do all of my running at the gym and I want so badly to meet other runners to meet up with on the weekends. I’ve done 5 and 6 mile runs alone, but I think any longer than that I would really need someone to keep me entertained.

I was starving after all that running talk and since John was working late and I had no food at home, I took myself on a date! Right next to Jack Rabbit is Energy Kitchen, which is a healthy “fast-food” chain where all of their food is under 500 calories. I had wanted to try it for awhile but John pretty much will only eat food if it’s OVER 500 calories. I have been craving a burger badly lately, and I eat veggie burgers a lot but meat was what my body was calling out for. I get disgusting, mind-numbing stomach aches after eating red meat and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the fat and grease. Also, I’ve never been a fan of turkey burgers and most of them have as many calories as red meat! Energy Kitchen offered a bison burger, which is extremely lean compared to most red meat and so I gave it a whirl. It came topped with egg whites, low-fat cheese, and a spicy bbq sauce on a whole grain bun. Protein packed! The meat literally did not have one ounce of grease on it, which made it extremely dry. Luckily I used 93 packets of ketchup (organic at this place!) or else I probably would have choked trying to swallow it. It also came with baked crinkle fries, but I’m actually not a fan of french fries (only sweet potato fries). These were definitely not appetizing. Some things are meant to be fried I guess. Overall, it looked like a delicious diner burger, but in reality it tasted like a burger that was only 380 calories. It filled me up, was the first time I’ve ever left fries behind and it looked yummy, so I guess I’ll give it a 6 out of 10.

I was in bed by 10 and wanted to run this morning, but I knew my body needed extra sleep. I was up at 4 AM Monday-Thursday! I woke up at 6:30 and felt really great for whatever reason. I made an awesome breakfast that stuck with me for 5 HOURS. Never. happens. I love to make green monster smoothies when I don’t go to the gym in the morning because otherwise I just eat oatmeal every day. This mix was a little crazy and I was a little nervous, but it turned out awesome.

In the mix:
– frozen spinach
– frozen strawberries
– 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
– 1 tablespoon PB2
– 1/3 cup organic pumpkin
– 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
– cinnamon + pumpkin pie spice

I have to have something crunchy on top of my smoothie, but didn’t need to break into John’s cereal (wanted to, but DID NOT NEED TO!) so I made a little creation that I guess you could call granola? 1/4 cup rolled oats mixed with a little honey, sugar-free pancake syrup and cinnamon. It was absolutely delicious, and pretty.

I also had a whole wheat sandwich thin with a little peanut butter (the smallest amount ever because this batch tastes weird!), banana and honey. My coffee was a mix of pumpkin and eggnog coffee with skim milk and splenda. It was the best breakfast I’ve had in awhile!

Am I artsy because I put my food on my stool against the blue wall of my kitchen? It sure feels like it.
I got to stalk some blogs and just take a moment to relax this morning which felt amazing. However, even though I have worked out every day since Sunday and have workouts planned all weekend and all next week, today should really be my rest day. But I am feeling motivated and only sore from my upper body work out yesterday so I am going to go for a casual run/walk on my lunch. Nothing too serious, but I’ll see how my body feels. I guess I never really take an actual rest day because I walk at least 2-3 miles every single day. I can’t imagine sitting all day long and purposely not walking!

My workout plans for the weekend include:

-Saturday morning kickboxing followed by a strength training class. That would make it 3 times that I’ve strength trained this week!
-Walking all over Central Park and the city with John for the rest of Saturday.
-Meeting up with people at Jack Rabbit for a long Sunday morning run… I think this week is either 7 or 8, and I’m really nervous but I want to force myself to go!
-Walking all over the city with Caitlin after my long run

Other weekend plans include:

-NOT drinking alcohol. Continuing this until the night before Thanksgiving.. my body is thanking me and it’s only been two weeks

-Having another date day with Johnny all day Saturday! Central Park, coffee, window shopping, food (obvs)

-Making homemade pizzas at Caitlins to carb-load for my long run Sunday
-16 Handles frozen yogurt at least once after my long run… don’t you love all the excuses to eat carbs when you run?
-Making my protein smoothies and hard boiling a bunch of eggs so I’m prepared for my super cleaned up eating week which starts Monday.. not a DIET because I do not do that, but Caitlin and I are starting 30 Day Shred monday and I’m going to focus on eating a ton of clean foods and protein so I can feel my best for my race next weekend and to feel and look better before Thanksgiving comes and magically puts on 15 pounds in one day 🙂
 What are your weekend workouts? Plans?

Do you plan rest days or just go by how your body feels?
I do a little of both but right now I’m so motivated and I guess scared that if I take one day off I’ll lose that motivation? Do ya feel me on that one?

WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO EAT THIS WEEKEND? We all know the weekends are when the goods come out 😉


2 thoughts on “Weekend work-out + food plans”

    1. BRENDA after the restaurant you took us to last night where the portions are for newborns… i can’t trust your opinion on what will fill me up. Me and Rob are men, we have big bellies to fill.

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