Dreamer + Fast Run

Despite battling with depression and anxiety for most of my life, I have always been a dreamer. Even in my lowest of times where the things that normally make me happy don’t, thinking of my dreams for the future and making goals (especially mini goals) are the ticket to perking me up. I have achieved some big dreams, such as moving to New York City and losing weight, and I still have plenty more to make happen 🙂 I am also very easily inspired, which is why I think I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I don’t even have my own account on there, I just love to scroll through the pages and see fashion, running, motivational quotes, decorations, and of course food and feel that awesome inspired feeling! Here are a few that have caught my eye today:

awesome newspaper printed nails
dream closet
dream ring, vintage Tiffany's... cough john cough
a treadmill desk.. i would die for this!
obsessed with the leg warmer/ boot look!
messy buns are my life
i want to work on my flexibility and do this!

My first day back to clean eating, high protein and no sugar added foods yesterday went great! I had a green monster protein smoothie for breakfast, a greek yogurt with an apple and peanut butter for snack, an egg/egg whites/goat cheese/hummus/chickpeas/mustard wrap concoction for lunch, and tuna/goat cheese/green beans/spinach/sweet potato for dinner. No workout yesterday except my 4.6 mile walk to work because my legs were dead meat from my 8 mile run Sunday!

This morning Caitlin and I did level 1 of 30 Day Shred at the gym, which was kind of funny to have these guys watching behind us. They were definitely intimated by Jillian 😉 It’s been awhile since I’ve done it, so it was challenging yet I loved that I could feel how much stronger I’ve gotten since I started in the summer. 5 pound weights are still enough for some of the moves because you do a ton of reps, but tomorrow I’m going to sub in 8 pounds for a few of the moves. After shredding, I coaxed Caitlin into running outside with me for a few miles because I think I’ve cut the bug of loving to run outside and now dreading the treadmill! Somehow, someway we pulled 2.52 miles in 19:19… that is 7:36 minute miles! BEYOND my fastest time ever! We ran all over midtown, including down 5th Avenue which was obviously amazing. We pretty much haven’t been able to stop talking about it all day 🙂 My legs are on FIRE currently between the 8 miler, 30 day shred, and the speedy run this morning. Tomorrow morning we’ll be shredding and then I might do a slower run outside or on the tread if it’s raining. Today’s run made me really excited for my 4 mile race on Sunday! If I could even get in sub 9 minute miles, I’d be a happy camper 🙂

Who would have ever thought they’d see the day where I, Jen Tallman, became a RUNNER?! It blows my mind every day, in a fabulous way 🙂

Do you love Pinterest?

Have you ever surprised yourself with a faster run or harder workout than you imagined?


1 thought on “Dreamer + Fast Run”

  1. I feel the same way about never imagining I would be a runner!! I had always dreamed of it..even as a child..but NEVER thought it would be my reality. Now at age 37, I’ve ran multiple races including 2 half marathons!! Still feels unreal to me but I have pictures to prove it!!!Haha. I also started running on a treadmill and was shocked at the difference when I started running outside . I was training for a race and couldn’t believe the difference. That was years ago now and I rarely run on the treadmill now. I much prefer running outside and only run on treadmill when I HAVE to!! And I’ll tell you this..One upside to running outside and returning to the treadmill..You feel like a Gazelle..just floating over the belt..It was amazing!!! Good luck to you and keep running!!!!

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