Happy Friday! This week flew by, as every week and every minute of my life seems to be lately! No complaints on the weekend being here fast front, though. This week I felt really tired and low on energy, and I think it was a mix of PMS (lovely) and my low-ish carb challenge of the no-sugar added foods this week. I’m not much of a sugar freak anyway, I enjoy my frozen yogurt on the weekends but have no problem staying away from cake and cookies, but pretty much all breads/wraps contain some type of sugar. I ate Trader Joe’s reduced carb whole wheat wraps all week, but it wasn’t enough. So I decided that the challenge for me was more to break away from my cereal addiction and focus on eating more protein at each meal, including snacks. Yesterday and today were my rest days, so I slept in and made whole wheat toast and eggs with organic ketchup for breakfast and it was delicious! I felt a lot more energized throughout the day thanks to those whole grains. I had hard boiled egg whites, carrots with hummus, greek yogurt with an apple and peanut butter, and a protein bar (with way too many artificial ingredients for me) for snacks this week. Besides my long run Sunday, I only ran Tuesday morning and did 30 Day Shred twice. I listened to my body and felt really sore from shredding, so this week my cardio was really my 4.6 mile walks to work. That’s 23 miles of walking a week right there! I’m sure I walk at least 4 miles every weekend day too throughout the city. It may not burn as many calories as running, but at least it’s active and I’m choosing to do it.

Listening to my body more means that I’m actually craving twice-a-days again! It could have something to do with stalking one of my new favorite blogs, I have been reading her old entries and getting so jealous of her morning runs in Central Park and then a class at night. I did this for most of the summer and was in the best shape of my entire life! I’m thinking I will try to get in 2-3 classes at night most weeks and make sure I am running 3 times during the week, and once on the weekends (maybe twice!). And of course, if I start to feel burnt out… take a break. If I had done this over the summer, I think I would have prevented my knee injury and avoided the cycle of stress eating that started in September. I think it’s so great to listen to your body and accept that some weeks you feel less motivated and that’s OKAY because other weeks I work out like a machine! It truly is all about balance.

I’d like my plan to be something like this:

Sundays: long run (somewhere between 7-10 and more eventually!)
Mondays: strength train & cross-training (hoping for spin!)
Tuesdays: strength train & 5 mile run
Wednesdays: cross-train or rest
Thursdays: strength train & 5 mile run
Fridays: 4 mile run
Saturdays: rest or short run (or long run if Sunday can’t happen)

This will all be subject to change, and hopefully my mileage during the week will eventually turn into 6 and 7 miles! I am motivated to get into good shape again. You know what’s awesome? I look at pictures of MYSELF from the summer and get motivated! That’s not meant to sound conceited, but I worked my ass off and I am so impressed by how my body changed.

A few yummy eats and an awkward bathroom pic of my extremely comfy outfit:

pretty banana peanut butter protein oats
sweet potato slices + egg whites + spinach + mustard
cozy sweater + skinny peppermint mocha!
leg warmers + boots. perfection.

Tonight’s plan is ice-skating at Rockefeller Center (cannot believe this is my life!) followed by delicious pizza at La Bella’s in Murray Hill! Perfect end to the week. Tomorrow I can sleep in til about 8:30, then head to Central Park for a 6 miler followed by 30 Day Shred with Caitlin. I also have to head to the Upper East Side to pick up my race stuff for Sunday… is it weird that I am not nervous at all for Sunday? I guess because it’s only 4 miles and I’m not worried about my pace since it’s my first ever race! The weather is supposed to be warm-ish so I at least don’t have the anxiety of what to wear… I am still trying to figure out just what to wear on these mornings that are 35-40 degrees? Any tips?


6 thoughts on “Friiiiday!”

  1. I know what you mean about the twice-a-day workout envy. I love working out twice a day but lately I’ve been too busy to make that happen, and I’m learning to be okay with it.
    Also, I agree that a peppermint mocha is a key component of any winter outfit 🙂

    1. Ahhh I hate when life gets in the way of what I really want my life to be which is working out tons and eating tons! lol But yeah i was hard on myself when I was trying to do too much and realized I needed to cut back on the workouts. And Starbucks red cups are definitely the key to all winter outfits!! 🙂

    1. HI ADRIENNE!!!: ) I stole an Under Armour shirt from my brother awhile back so when it gets really cold in NYC i will wear that! Its still been 45-55 degrees every morning so i’m still running in shorts and a running jacket because i get totally warmed up after a mile or so!

  2. Great post! Your oats are so much prettier than mine 🙂 I run at that temperature usually in long sleeves and compression tights, with underarmour under if it’s super windy. Wind really makes the big difference in if you have to bundle up or not! If there’s wind, I always try to wear a hat. It makes a huuuuge difference!

    1. Haha thank you but I swear thats the only time Ive ever tried to make my oats look pretty! Usually its just a mushy mess because I’m starving and don’t have time at work! I really want a pair of compression tights. I have compression socks and I love them, but the tights are so expensive! The wind does make a huge difference too!

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