Pasta on Pizza & 10 Miles

Friday night: Rockefeller Center to ice skate. John and I decline because we’re too poor to pay $30 to hold on to the sides and drag our feet on ice. We watch Caitlin and Carly try to skate and laugh hysterically. Caitlin is drunk off of Soco & Diet and absolutely hilarious. We walk over a mile to one of the best pizza places in NY, La Bella’s on 2nd Avenue. We all split a margarita pizza and a BAKED ZITI pizza. I don’t even like pasta, but there was so much delicious cheese on this that its my new favorite. How do you ingest more carbs than to have pasta ON pizza? Pictures can’t be taken in .2 seconds which is approximately how long it took for the 4 of us to demolish the pizzas.

Saturday morning: wake up exhausted and completely unmotivated to run my planned 6 miles. Staying out til midnight has that effect on me, even when no drinking (for me) has taken place. I texted Caitlin assuming she’d be COMPLETELY okay with skipping 30 Day Shred since I was sure she was in a Soco-induced coma… Well, she was 100% down to shred so I had NO excuse. I threw myself together and started with a 4.7 mile run in Central Park with 7:22 min miles! NO idea where that speed came from. Caitlin and I suffered through 30 Day Shred, then I ran 2.6 miles up to the NYRR office to pick up my race number. I was force fed a piece of a brownie because the man was appalled that I had just ran and had no desire to eat a brownie. If that isn’t incentive enough for John to start running, then he’ll never run. (He never will) My hamstrings were sore but I ran back and tacked on an extra .10 to make it an even 10 miles for the day. In total, I ran the 10 miles in about 77 minutes. Thank you, pasta pizza. You are my new go-to before a long run! Also, thank you to Caitlin for motivating me to not only work out that day, but surpass my planned mileage! It’s nice to have someone to motivate me once in awhile because I motivate others all the time… I need a kick in the arse every now and then, too!

I felt pretty tired and malnourished after over 2 hours of working out, so John met me at the nearest Chipotle so I could devour a bowl of chicken, cheese, veggies and the hottest salsa on the planet. I was deeply in love.

This may have been the only time in my life I hadn’t eaten til 4 PM. I don’t eat before I work out or else I feel sick, and I hadn’t planned on 10 miles! I thought I felt fine, but after I ate I felt like I hit “the wall” and was beyond exhausted. So, lesson learned is that I should have at least packed a snack and not waited til 4 to eat!

After some walking or more like limping through the city, I needed sugar and carbs STAT. My lunch was all veggies and protein, and I guess I had run out of pasta-pizza fuel… 16 Handles to the rescue.

You don't need makeup after a 10 mile run.

Pumpkin froyo with peanut butter cups and dark chocolate chips.

John got a red-wine and pear milkshake (ew!) at Shack Shake and then suggested we split a Crumbs cupcake. I was obviously under the influence of runner’s high and split an apple cobbler cupcake with him.

Glycogen restored, and possibly border-line diabetes: check. Is it possible for someone to eat one of these by themselves? I would definitely be majorly sick to my stomach. This is my sugar max times 600 but it was just what I needed and therefore became my dinner! Bye bye, no sugar added challenge πŸ™‚ Running 10 miles is no fun if not followed by treats. I have no shame or regrets.

I was so excited for my race I could barely sleep! More on that later πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Pasta on Pizza & 10 Miles”

  1. haha i am the same way on ice ..however i wouldn’t be on the handrails i would be flat on my butt. 10 miles!! YOU GO GIRL! πŸ™‚

  2. haha yeah, me too!! my butt would have been harshly bruised and i don’t really wanna shell out $30 for a bruise πŸ˜‰ thank you so much! it was one of those days where the run felt amazing and like i could have kept going and going!

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