Back to Basics

The last few days I have felt great again. My workouts have been great; 4 mile run Monday, back to back level 1 and level 2 30 Day Shred yesterday plus a 2.55 mile run (**this is the definition of an insane person), and this morning level 2 of 30 Day Shred. My legs are feeling it BIG time! Unfortunately I have a nagging soreness/ tightness in my right hamstring that caused my run yesterday to be very painful and very slow. I can barely stretch it without it feeling like it’s going to pop out. I think it was caused by much more hill work than I’m used to lately. I don’t want to push it, but I want to get 5 miles in tomorrow morning and 7 or 8 on Saturday. Could it be that my hamstrings are weak? Any tips on how to get rid of that soreness?

More than anything, I have not been binge or stress eating and it feels like it is finally out of my system. The last 2 months have been scary; I felt completely out of control and had no motivation to stop. Not like me at all. I was put to the test this week because I had to give my notice at work on Monday and it went better than expected, but I was super anxious and stressed leading up to it. I haven’t had an urge to binge at all. In fact, I have been so tired at night that I have almost fallen asleep without eating dinner! But, let’s be real: I would wake up and eat it eventually 😉 It feels so good to come home and enjoy relaxing without having a blackout binge session with a box of cereal. I am back to my delicious veggie, cheese and protein messes for dinner:

sweet potato, chicken, broccoli, goat cheese & mustard

I plan ahead of time to have a little snack after dinner as long as it’s protein packed and healthy. I’ve been having greek yogurt with peanut butter and frozen strawberries, or a green monster protein smoothie. It doesn’t matter what I eat for dinner, I am always snacky after and it seems (through blog-stalking) that so many of us are like that. So, why not embrace it and just make it a part of our daily food? I have no time I won’t eat past because that’s just silly to me; I lost 110 pounds by eating up until 10 minutes before my eyes are shut. Using lets me plan out every meal and snack so I’m staying within my calorie range to allow for that inevitable after-dinner snack!

My point of this post is that to get back on track, you have to get back to basics. For me, the basics are: religiously log every bite of food I take, vegetables at lunch and dinner, more protein, not buying foods that I know I can’t portion control (i.e. cereal, jams, flavored PB) and switching up the workouts/planning workouts. Yes, I love running more than any other workout but 30 Day Shred is a surefire way to make me strength train and sweat more than most people do on an 18 mile run. Back to back levels yesterday? I can barely move today. But it feels so good! I have also signed up for 2 months at Gold’s Gym for a ridiculously good deal (also comes with 2 personal training sessions!) so I can start spinning, get back to zumba, and yoga/pilates! Of course I’m not sure exactly how often I can do all of that once I start my new job, but it will be much more likely since I will be 3 blocks from the gym!

Just within 3 days, I feel less bloated and more confident. I can do this. You can do this. We can all do this! 🙂

What is your biggest motivator for losing weight/ getting in shape?

For me it’s definitely about clothes/fashion. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your clothes because they’re too tight or if you have to keep tugging at them. I spent many years being uncomfortable in clothes and it’s the last thing I want to go through again.

What is your definition of getting “back to basics”?


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