Catching up!

Where have I been? Jeez, backing up to last Friday… Caitlin, Erica and I left work and had big plans of dining at Angelica’s Kitchen in the village and getting politely drunk on lots of wine. One of those two things happened, and for once in my life the food was omitted! We were having such a great time drinking at Caitlin’s that we ended up not eating dinner (my demise with drinking, always) and heading to a bar in her neighborhood. Lucky for her and Erica, this bar serves hot dogs but since I wouldn’t eat a hot dog if you paid me to (they have always scared me), I had to resort to.. a big fat slice of pizza. Feel sorry for me 🙂 A cab later we were at an awesome irish pub in Murray Hill called Paddy Riley’s. We had a lot of fun dancing to the band and hanging out with the crowd of about 6 people. We cabbed it back and called it a night around 3 AM. This is honestly extremely early for me during a night out!

Morning came and so did brunch. We headed to our favorite spot, Galaxy Diner, for the cheapest breakfast in NYC. $3.95 for 2 eggs any style, toast and potatoes. I get mine over easy with 7-grain toast, usually dry but butter sounded good Saturday morning! Also, we go through an entire bottle of Heinz ketchup. Classy.

We spent almost 3 hours eating, drinking coffee and chatting about everything. I love these girls, and I ADORE lingering meals with people! After brunch, we walked to the best thrift store ever: Buffalo Exchange! I got an amazing red/orange coat, Caitlin scored a funky Marc Jacobs tunic and Erica found a pair of Frye boots for under $30. Ridiculous!

After parting ways with the girls, John and I headed to our favorite diner in the city: Big Nick’s. They have a 27 page menu and basically anything you want, they will make it for you. I usually get a veggie burger in a whole wheat pita, but I was in a greek mood Saturday night. I started with a greek salad with a house vinaigrette that is amazing, plus some honey mustard.

John had a juicy burger and waffle fries (as per usual) and I chowed down on a Greek gyro in a whole wheat pita. It kind of looks like the pita was spitting all of the insides out. Their tahini sauce on the side tasted delicious, along with a small side of sweet potato fries, pickles and tomato. I didn’t ask for the pickles and tomato, but this diner literally just throws on random things to your plate. My fries always have a few waffle fries on top, and my dinner plate always has a side of some sort of potato or macaroni salad. I love the randomness!

Yes, I ate 3 plates of food. Do not judge me.

Dinner was chased by a malted hot chocolate from Shake Shack for John, and 16 Handles for me. Fat kids right here.

I wasn’t exactly hungover, but didn’t feel well and needed a nap before I was supposed to head back to Caitlin’s. That nap turned into after 11 PM and I had to be up at 6 AM Sunday.

I surprised my dad for his 50th birthday by taking the bus upstate early Sunday morning! 🙂 He was actually surprised and super excited! On the way I noshed on a pumpernickel bagel with egg whites, bacon and cheese. By the time I got upstate, I wasn’t super hungry and knew we were having cake and ice cream in the early afternoon for my dad. I grabbed a small slice of cake (I do not like cake except this one from Wegman’s- white cake w/ raspberry filling!) and an extremely small scoop of pumpkin ice cream and had no desire to finish either. I have been cutting back on sugar and this was too much for me!

Later on we had an amazing pizza from Consol’s in Endicott that I scarfed down too fast to take a picture of. I also had some of my dad’s order of homemade spaghetti… I also am not a pasta fan, but this was pretty good!

I stayed over Sunday night and went to the gym early with my dad. I hit up 4 miles on the treadmill and had to stop twice to run to the bathroom (TMI, sorry!). My stomach was killing me and continued to hurt for the rest of the day on and off. I of course still ate, but luckily ate lots of healthy yums!

Breakfast was delicious coffee (my mom brews the best coffee ever) and a bowl of quick oats with chocolate protein powder, banana and 2 scoops of Better’n Peanut Butter. This stuff is still growing on me, but let’s face it: I can have double the serving of regular peanut butter for the same calories. I’m all about volume here, people.

I had a doctor’s appointment and hit up Starbucks with my dad, then came home to chow down on lunch. Romaine, turkey slices, turkey pastrami, carrots and I used this awesome dip as my dressing. I love eating my parents food!

A little lunch dessert: greek yog + frozen strawberries + a scoop of Bee’s Knees peanut butter (honey flavor) + cinnamon

I spent the rest of the day napping at my Grandma’s and just spending time with her. I love her so much and miss her more every time I have to leave. She fed me whole wheat potato bread (my fav!) with a little piece of grilled chicken she had leftover & miracle whip (am I the only person obsessed with MW?) and before I left for the bus I demolished a bowl of oatmeal squares cereal w/ skim milk, cinnamon and some more of that Bettern Peanut Butter. God forbid I starve to death on my 3 hour bus ride.

Do you love raiding your parents food when visiting?


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