veggies, spin & night-time runs

Wednesday: Slept in after being up late with finals, became an unplanned rest day (not a fan) due to more finals after work. Breakfast was protein oats w/banana & PB at my desk as usual.

Lunch was a huge turkey salad from Subway, which I ate at the nearby grocery store so I could add MORE vegetables to my vegetable salad. Beets, red peppers, and feta with a side of 0 calorie lemonade ❤

Snacks were apples & pb (duh), then coffee and a NuGo bar to fuel me through more finals. Dinner was a mess of tabbouli, tuna, feta, goat cheese, mustard and mushrooms dipped in hummus.

This showcases my skills of making food look fancy and artsy because the bowl is sitting on my alarm clock. This is what happens when you have studied for hours and you are delirious.

Yesterday morning I did a 15 minute HIIT treadmill session followed by 40 minutes of weights/abs where I channeled my inner Jillian Michaels and followed her moves to the best of my knowledge and ordered Caitlin to do the same. It was fun, and I REALLY want to be a personal trainer! Wah.

Breakfast was protein oats with sliced apples and Justin’s honey peanut butter.

Hold on to your seat, because I am not obsessed with this peanut butter. I of course have a responsibility to finish the jar at some point because I bought it, but it’s not life changing. What could be after you have eaten at least 90 jars of Trader Joe’s creamy peanut butter?

Snacks = Clif Z bar (i looove these, they are low in calories and perfect for snack!) and a reduced carb wrap w/ PB & banana (not pictured because I wolfed it down on the subway)

I hit up my 3rd spin class in a week’s time because I am falling in love! This class was the hardest for me because I was tired, super sore from my HIIT/weight session earlier in the day and I really pushed myself to up the resistance last night. I think I like the Tuesday night instructor better because she is less resistance crazy and plays better music. Still, I looked like someone tried to drown me in a pool and felt great after!

I went to Caitlin’s after spin to “help her pack” for Europe, but what really happened was she drank wine, I ate hummus & veggies then when she actually started to pack I bolted. I am really helpful! I did however bring her a NuGo protein bar and packet of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter for the plane. I am a good friend, I just won’t help you actually do things. I will just yell at you to work out and then feed you delicious foods.

Hummus, veggies and pita may be enough for tiny little Caitlin but not me, the beast. I had some tuna and goat cheese and then topped it off with greek yogurt, PB2, frozen bloobs and honey. SO refreshing.

Two-a-days are taking me awhile to recover from even though I used to be the queen of them over the summer. But I am finally listening to my body, and when the alarm went off at 5 AM to go for a 5 mile run, I knew it would do me more good to get 2.5 more hours of sleep and save the run for after work. I’m not a fan of running at night after working all day. I can spin or even do weights, but running is difficult because I have to run on a pretty empty stomach to not get horrifying side stitches/ vomit all over the treadmill. I’ve been just eating good carbs all day and hoping for the best! After the run I’m heading downtown with John and Brenda to see my awwwesome-sauce cousin Tanner and then probably will be in bed by 11. My parents are coming for the day tomorrow and I need to get a good workout in before since we’ll be eating lots! 🙂

What are your weekend plans? 


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