Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! This is my first Christmas in 23 years that I have not been with my family at home. I went upstate last weekend to celebrate with my whole immediate family- my aunt uncle and cousin from florida and my cousin and his wife from Maryland were all able to come to my grandma’s for an early Christmas celebration. Now that we’re all old and workaholics, most of us had to work this weekend which made traveling too difficult. I am very thankful that we at least got to all be with our grandma last week 🙂

I’ve been at my new job for two weeks now and started during the busiest time of the year. I am proud to say I made it through with virtually NO training- literally everyone was too busy! The company I work for is a maaaajor brand (I am not disclosing where just yet, not sure if I will at all on here) and very expensive, but our company did amazing this year and holiday season! Apparently the economy isn’t too bad…

I gave myself these two weeks to adjust to my new schedule so my eating has been a little off. I have still been working out at least 4 times a week, and it’s been mostly spin classes! I need to get back on a weight training schedule and get back to running more. This week I ran a 3 and 4 miler and was really shocked at my pace- after a few weeks of not running, I was running sub-9 minute miles! I think spinning is really helping my running along with the little bit of strength training I’ve been doing. I have been eating my usual protein oats for breakfast, greek yogurt with fruit and whole grain cereal & PB for lunch, and some NuGo bars for snacks. Unfortunately it has been sugar overload at work and I have given in! I don’t usually find it difficult to say no to sweets, but these were amazing macaron’s, homemade cake/bread things from all over the world, and other various chocolates that aren’t your typical Hershey kisses. Nonetheless, the indulging needs to come to an end. I have big plans to be in a great shape for 2012 🙂

I am not in the amazing shape I had hoped to be in by the new year, and I feel a little shitty because of it. I spent the whole last year keeping off my 110 pound weight loss and toning up, but since mid-September I have been indulging and indulging and binging. I have tried getting back on track numerous times, but kept slipping up. My new plan is to let the scale back into my life. I am obviously not ready to maintain on my own without weighing in, so I’m going to buy one to use for a few months while I lose about 15 pounds (not focusing 100% on the number, I just want my clothes to fit better!) and then go back to only weighing in once a month.

John and I have been lounging around all last night and this morning so pretty soon we’re going to go see a movie and find someplace to eat. It’s NYC so there will be plenty open! I just hope we don’t end up at a chinese place…

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! 🙂


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