Christmas recap

Today’s workout: 2 mile run + 40 min spin class. Burned off 1/98th of this weekends junk!

Christmas Eve: worked until 5. Trader Joe’s. Cuddled and watched TV with John. John orders pizza and I fall asleep before it gets to us. I am no fun.

Christmas AM: Decide to not be a crazy and go to the gym on Christmas morning. Slept in, made whole grain french toast for John and I and I baked! I had a box of Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread/muffin mix from the fall so I dumped it in a bowl and used pumpkin puree instead of oil, 4 egg whites instead of 2 eggs, and threw in some oatmeal & bran cereal for crunch. Also lots of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. I don’t own baking dishes so I dumped the mix into a raised cookie sheet… Baked for 50ish minutes and it came out amazing! It looked more like brownies than bread, but the taste and texture were perfect. I had an enormous piece and saved the rest to bring to my co-workers today! How sweet.

We were going to go the movies but honestly… I hate going to the movies. There, I said it. I would much rather save $15 and 2 hours of my time on a day off and netflix it once it’s out. So we walked around Central Park for awhile along with at least 800 other people (tourists). It was warm-ish and no snow. To say I was a little depressed is an under statement… I was missing my family badly. Luckily John knows food has a 98% chance of making me feel better so we went to my favorite burger place for Christmas dinner. Class-y.

Five Napkin Burger was open and packed! If you have to spend a holiday away from your family, there is no better place than in NYC. You are never alone. We finally tried the onion rings for an appetizer because Christmas = fatass status.

They are crusted with cornmeal so they taste different and by different I mean AMAZE. Dips were bleu cheese (soo good) and their burger sauce. Not sure why I thought eating fried food on Christmas would exempt me from a killer stomach ache later, but I was wrong. I eat fried food maybe 3 times a year now, and I pay for it every time.

Best veggie burger in the city (or world):

That looks like cheese but it’s really a thick slab of their signature sauce. Really low in calories, I’m sure. Their pickles are so good, and this was the first time I got the bun. It’s multigrain, but I usually get it without. Very good and obviously the sweet potato fries are yum yum yum.

John’s dessert: bourbon. He is 95 trapped in a 30 year olds body. Sketchy.

My dessert: looking like a tired piece of poop. I’m also not sure how I managed to smile because my stomach was ready to explode. Thanks, onion rings.

We hurried home to skype with my family! I’ve never really skyped before but it’s fun and i want to skype with everyone and make funny faces. I’m about 6 years behind on technology and matureness.

Can’t wait to go upstate in 2 weeks to celebrate a late christmas with John’s family and mine!

How was your Christmas?


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