Yesterday was a rest day after 3 straight days of running and spinning. For some reason that I do not know, I am huuungry as all get out on my rest days. I’ve heard it’s because your metabolism is still raised from the days you did exercise? Whatever, I hate it and mixed with the anxiety I already get on a rest day it doesn’t end well. I ate my usual oats for breakfast, some almonds and an orange for snack, greek yogurt w/ berries and flax cereal for lunch, and a protein bar late afternoon. I was craving pizza and salad (my favorite meal eeeevverrr) for dinner, so I listened to my body and didn’t deprive it. I’m adjusting to losing weight again but not being so strict, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. John picked up a pizza from a place in our neighborhood and we devoured it 🙂 I can eat multiple pieces of pizza and not feel too full, but I guess because it had been 4 days of clean eats I felt like a total cow after. I was uncomfortably full and I can eat way more pizza than I did! It’s surprising to me that my body adjusts to clean eating really fast and one little splurge makes me super sick.

I woke up this morning STILL full which is a sad reminder of binging. I didn’t binge at all on the pizza, but I was feeling pretty awful this morning. I had 4 miles and a spin class on the agenda this morning, so I drank some water and a little coffee but couldn’t even finish my coffee. My run started out surprisingly well and I warmed up with a 9:50 mile, then sped up to 8:59 for the second mile. Unfortunatley by the end of the second mile, I had to run into the bathroom… I’ll spare the details. I was in there until spin class started, so I figured I’d finish my mileage after the class. Spin was great with Allison who I’ve taken one other morning class with. My only complaint about her class is the music… she seems to be into indie-ish music and I really need/love hip hop or basically the Billboard Top 40 playlist to pump me up. After spin I managed to sneak in another mile at 9:30 but by then I was extremely nauseous. I got showered and dressed for work, and still couldn’t believe how gross I felt! I had some tea and wasn’t even remotely hungry for my oats until well after 11 AM.

For lunch just now I had a very light salad. It was just mixed greens, broccoli, beets, tomatoes, a little feta and grilled chicken with just basic balsamic vinegar. Very light and clean and nutritous, and I am starting to feel a little better. I don’t know why pizza did that to me when I eat it at least once a week anyways?! I guess it’s just been a rough couple of weeks with my IBS 😦

So with just a few hours left of work I will snack on some strawberries if I get hungry again as one of my co-workers brought in some fresh ones to share. After work I am heading to my apartment to pack and hang out until our bus leaves at 11 PM… I hate the late bus but it’s always the cheapest! A 3 AM arrival is going to suck, especially because I would love to go to a spin class at 7:30 with my friend Scott… we’ll see! I am SO excited to see my family and John’s mom! I know this will be a pretty indulgent weekend, so I’m not even going to pretend like it won’t be 🙂 I plan on running at least once while I’m up there, but mostly just want to enjoy some family time.

Hope your weekends are fabulous!


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