Sharing My Story

If you know me, you know most of what I talk about over the last 2 years is my weight loss. I am proud, but more than anything I love to inspire and help others. There are times where I feel like people around me get annoyed hearing about it, but for the most part I am extremely open and use most opportunities to bring it up… whatever, it may someday be my meal ticket (pun NOT intended).

In the few jobs I’ve had throughout my weight loss, it is definitely a topic that comes up. Having my healthy habits rub off on others makes me genuinely very happy! My very favorite boss I have ever had (shout out to Laurie!) when I was working for Goldwell gave me the opportunity to speak in front of my co-workers about my weight loss, goals and motivation that also pertained to selling (some of it had to be about work of course! 😉 ). It was fantastic and my first time speaking in front of a large group of people about a topic I am so passionate about it.

Today I had that same opportunity at my new(ish) job that is for one of the top luxury fashion brands in the world.

I attended a meeting today to have more training for the brand and meet some corporate people as well as employees from other boutiques. A group exercise about how we attained the job and why we wanted it led me to tell my tale of weight loss, growing up in Binghamton, moving to NYC and meeting a running buddy who works for the brand. The girls in my group were blown away and practically demanded I share the story with the room.

I very happily (but pretended to be a littttle nervous; I can’t be too cocky!) obliged. I shared my story with the room of about 20 employees from stores and corporate with laughs and ended with claps. It was amazing. Not only was I telling my story and motivating people; I WAS DOING IT AT MY DREAM JOB! 🙂 Feeling on top of the world is an understatement; well, had I been wearing an outfit half as amazing as these girls I would have been put over the edge, but my day (and hopefully dollar) will come 🙂

After the meeting I was greeted by many of the corporate employees telling me how much they loved my story. It was an absolutely surreal experience. I want to motivate, teach and inspire every single day. So if you happen to be in my life and get annoyed when I tell my story constantly; I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I am a walking example of how your life can change DRASTICALLY at any given time and anything is possible. A great quote from my meeting today ; “Dream Big and Never Stop.”


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