Sore Calves

It’s been a solid 3 weeks since I have done any strength training, but luckily Caitlin and I are back on track with 30 Day Shred as of this morning. Besides my thighs killing from the squats, my calves are so sore from all the jumping. Despite my complaining, i love feeling sore! 🙂

After Jillian I bundled up for my first real outdoor winter run ever! I was going back and forth between the treadmill or outside, but since it might rain this week and I will not run in the rain especially in winter, I sucked it up and wore the following:

Nike dry fit t-shirt
Lulu Lemon stride jacket
Under Armour vest
C9 running tights
Under Armour socks
Puma running gloves
Head/ear band

And obviously, sports bra, undies and my Asics. PS- I need to get fitted for new sneaks ASAP. I’ve had these since the summer!

mid- run, feeling fab!

That outfit was utterly perfect for a 15 degree run with minimal wind. The warm up was a bit rough on my lungs, but soon enough it felt great and I kept my pace sub-9, ending 3.5 miles with an 8:31 average pace. Super after not running for 4 days!

Today I am back on track, even though I have said it at least 24 times in the last few months, whether I need to hire someone to stop me from eating late at night or not! I am working on eating bigger portions and more often throughout the day so when I get home I’m not so hungry. It’s hard to find a balance on the days when I work out in the morning and at night, but much of it is mind over matter. I need to listen to my body more and only eat when I am actually hungry. I am testing out the “drinking water before I eat” theory that magazines love to throw around to fulfill any thirst needs that may be masquerading as hunger.

Breakfast: banana flax protein oats w/ new-to-me extra protein peanut butter (available at GNC) and black coffee

Lunch: spinach/feta/egg white wrap and coffee w/ a splash of half&half at Starbucks

Afternoon snackage: plain greek yogurt + frozen blueberries + crunchy PB

And unpictured cocoa roasted almonds ❤

I went to my fav spin class of the week after work despite my achey legs and had a blast! So much energy in this class! He has one thursday mornings that I neeeed to get to!

Dinner: Trader Joe’s chickenless strips (meatless monday!) spinach, broccoli, goat cheese, hummus, balsamic & vinegar & chickpeas

Those chickenless strips are not very good. Lesson learned 😉

NO after dinner snacking! I just brushed my teeth and am going bed. Success! Tomorrow morning = 30 Day Shred 1&2 + 60 min treadmill intervals! Ouch!! 🙂

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