Blah, I feel super weak and tired today. I need to start getting more sleep, but I am also a little weak from the drastic drop in carbs and sugar since I am back on track with clean eating again! It’s so hard for me to find a balance between eating too much and eating too little. This week has been too little, and I am feeling weak, like too weak for a workout after work tonight! My body responds so quickly to change so this is my chance to really find that balance. I do not want to overeat but I also don’t want to go down the road of eating too little like I did for months. I almost think that restricting my food so much for that period of time lead me to binge again.

I slept in this morning and only had time for a big cup of coffee with soy milk before I left for work. Work was so busy and I wasn’t even able to eat my breakfast until 11:30! Once I finally ate I had my usual protein oats but with a diced apple instead of a banana. It was a nice change!

I didn’t pack lunch so I got an unlimited topping salad at one of my favorite cafes! My laundry list of toppings were:

Tomatoes/ cukes/ onion
Grilled chicken
Egg whites
Beets/ jalapenos/ sprouts
Sun dried tomatoes
Balsamic honey dijon dressing

So so delish! I didn’t get hungry til about 5:30 but couldn’t get to my greek yogurt with frozen pineapple and PB because we were so busy. Insert weak feeling and starving, therefore I knew my workout was not going to happen. I got home and made a super yummy dinner, similar to last nights: egg white omelet with peppers, but I threw in some broccoli and sweet potato chunks in the oven to roast up. The broccoli had crushed garlic and I sprinkled pink salt & cinnamon on the sweet potato chunks. I used tapatio hot sauce on my omelet, organic ketchup and a shake of parm cheese on the broccoli, and goat cheese on the sweet potato. It was a freaking delicious and random combination, as usual.

Now I am eating my pineapple & PB yogurt that I didn’t get to earlier with an added banana and relaxing before bed. Tomorrow is my day off from work but I am going to run, lift and spin class in the morning so I can have the whole day to do whatever I want! 🙂


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