Day Off & Too Tired

Today was my day off from work and I had really wanted to get up and workout this morning so I could make sure I got it in, but it unfortunately didn’t happen 😦 I never heard my alarm go off and didn’t wake up until almost 10 AM! I don’t know why I am feeling so weak and tired, but it really sucks. Again, I’m assuming it’s just my body trying to adjust to the change of better eating, or really less eating, so I should be fine soon enough. I feel like I’m probably lacking some B vitamins and iron too, so I need to get on a better schedule of taking vitamins.

Luckily John also had the day off so we went to one of our favorite brunch spots in the city; in fact, it’s the first place we ever had brunch here right before we moved here last year πŸ™‚ It’s called Le Grainne Cafe and it’s in Chelsea on 21st and 9th. They are known for their absolutely amazing french toast which is basically two big chunks of french bread, and the batter they use is egg and some kind of orange zest that you can taste in every bite. It’s topped with powdered sugar, sliced almonds and orange slices with a side of ham, homefries and fruit. For $10! To start, they give you two baguettes with butter and jam on the side.

John had that beauty and while I wanted to order it as well, I opted for a healthier breakfast with a little more protein since I obviously ate some of that baguette! (and obviously stole a few bites of his french toast!)

Egg white omelet with mushrooms, onions, and CHICKEN! This was the best combo ever and I am definitely making that for dinner soon! The omelet came with a small little salad and a few potatoes. I also had a huge soy cappuccino that was delicious!

Soy milk makes even coffee so foamy! I am loving Silk light vanilla soy milk a lot right now.

Throughout the day we walked around Chelsea, Soho and ended up at Barnes & Noble in Union Square for some reading. My afternoon snack was a caramel nut flavored coffee with soy milk and a vegan pumpkin muffin at a coffee shop near Soho and then we ventured home and to the laundry mat. Laundry always seems so time consuming, but it’s really only 1 block away and takes about an hour. I LOVE having all of my workout clothes clean! Oh yeah, and I guess my work clothes too…

I really wasn’t hungry for anything tonight, but John was dying for Domino’s pizza so I had 2 slices for dinner. Domino’s is the only chain pizza I will eat because it’s not all that bad for you- not too greasy, and the slices are small. I also had a few spoonfuls of Peanut Butter & Co’s cinnamon raisin peanut butter because can I go a day without PB? No.

This is a pic of me from brunch today, around 12:30

Great scarf, I know πŸ™‚ But my point to this picture is this was after 2 cups of coffee, a shower, and over 2 hours of being awake- and yet I look exhausted and felt even more so! I don’t know what’s going on with my energy level, but it really sucks. I’m going to bed now and have my alarm set for a morning workout, so I REALLY hope I at least hear my alarm! This is not like me and I am not a fan 😦

What do you do if you have a period of time where you are crazy exhausted and have low energy levels? Any foods you eat or cut back on? Vitamin/ supplement suggestions?


1 thought on “Day Off & Too Tired”

  1. I have been feeling the same way – for me, sometimes it’s a seasonal thing. I always start to feel low energy/a little more tired and sad around January and February and it can definitely put a dent in my desire to eat healthy and exercise. The foods I would suggest are ones with natural sugar that are going to give you an energy boost and be low-cal throughout the day, like an apple or something with some protein and fat like cheese. I know you’re trying to cut back on carbs, but complex carbohydrates are going to give you a boost as well. As far as supplements, you’re definitely right with the Vitamin B and maybe some Vitamin C as well, especially if you’re doing a lot of strength training because it’s good for your muscles πŸ™‚

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