New Lunch

With my healthy eating back on track the last couple of weeks, I felt like I needed something new for lunch.

Breakfast and dinner fill me up and I don’t need a snack afterward, but there is something about lunch that I can’t seem to get right. No matter the size of my lunches, I am hungry (like growling stomach) an hour or two later. I always have a salad filled with protein and veggies, and other times I have greek yogurt with fruit, whole wheat cereal & peanut butter. That works longer than a salad for me, but I wonder why my metabolism is revving at lunch time? Any ideas?

The one thing that does the trick is the delicious vegetarian baguette sandwich from Macaron Cafe. However, at $8 a pop and on a baguette, it’s a bit of a splurge. I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday to set out on creating my own version, healthier and much cheaper!

My version this week was more like a breakfast sandwich, but since eggs are super cheap and I love them, they are the protein source of this sandwich. I might try turkey if I can find some un-processed kind somewhere. So I microwaved 4 egg whites (take a large coffee mug, spray with pam, crack egg whites in, shake in seasoning, stir & microwave for 1.5-2 mins) to save time vs using a frying pan. Lazy.

Most important part of the sandwich: the carbs! I work out almost every day, and I think incorporating a good carb at lunch is the key to making my lunch last in my belly. I opted for Trader Joe’s high-fiber sprouted wheat bread, which is made with wheat berries instead of flour. The consistency is a bit stale, but once toasted it’s the same as whole wheat bread. I really love wheat berries as a grain and thought it would be cool to try in bread!

In my avocado phase but too lazy/confused as to how to peel and cut one, I opted for Trader Joe’s spicy avocado dip. At 40 calories per TWO tablespoons, it’s the perfect amount to spread thick on my sandwich and create an amazing flavor that mayo could never top!

The last part of my sandwich this week: cheese. I went for cheddar flavored soy cheese and melted it on top of the egg white patty. I had this for lunch Monday open-faced with a side of mushrooms & hummus:

Kept me satisfied and powered me through the most intense spin class ever Monday night! The room was literally foggy with everyone’s sweat. Deeeeelicious!

Yesterday I had the same sandwich with baby carrots and grapefruit on the side. Didn’t end up eating my afternoon snack because I wasn’t hungry! Score!

My workout yesterday was 30 Day Shred Level 2 then another intense spin class. 2 spin classes in 12 hours = ouch. In places that it sucks to be sore šŸ™‚

Dinner last night:

Ahi tuna fillet, edamame, broccoli, hummus, guacamole, goat cheese. Lean and green!

Breakfast right now is 2 slices of sprouted grain bread with Better’n Peanut Butter and a sliced banana and coffee with light vanilla soy milk. SO delish! I just wasn’t feelin’ oats this morning because it’s not very cold!

Today is my day off so I am going thrift shopping at a few of my favorite places. I’m thinking if I find anything good I’ll do a post on that?! Most people know I love fashion and I would love to start doing some fashion posts, if not for anything more than to inspire myself… sometimes fashion falls by the way side when you aren’t feeling your best ya know? Shopping will be followed by some gym action.. I’m hoping for a run and some time on the elliptical! My knee is feeling a little better, but I don’t want to push it. Cross-training is really helping!

4 thoughts on “New Lunch”

  1. Good post! Have you ever tried the liquid egg whites? I get them at Wegmans and they’re fairly inexpensive and last quite a while. Also, I just learned how to properly cut/peel an avocado from a YouTube vid. Only problem is having to use it before it rots (which it does very quickly!).

    1. Thanks my love! Well the liquid egg things have always freaked me out haha do they have added ingredients? I don’t mind cracking my eggs and eggs are really cheap at trader joes šŸ™‚ i will have to watch that video!

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