Perfect Day Off

After breakfast, blogging, and a lot of coffee, I headed to the gym to run. It was a beautiful day out, but I wanted to do speedwork/intervals so I opted to take my run inside. I made up this workout (minutes: speed)

0-2: 4.1
2-5: 6.0
5-7: 6.4
7-8: 6.0
11-12: 7.0
12-13: 6.1
13-14: 7.1
14-15: 6.1
15-16: 4.1
16-17: 7.2/ 7.5 (30 sec/ 30 sec)
17-18: 4.1
18-19: 6.1
19-20: 6.3
20-21: 7.5
21-22: 6.2
22-23: 7.7
23-24: 6.0 / 4.0 (30 sec/ 30)
24-25: 4.1
25-26: 6.5
26-27: 7.5
27-28: 8.0
28-30: 4.0
30-32: 6.1
32-33: 8.0
33-34: 6.0
34-35: 8.0
35-36: 4.0
36-37: 6.2
* I was at about 3.75 miles here*
Sprint to 4 miles! I made it in 39:23, which is an avg pace of 9:50. Its slower than my usual outdoor pace, but running after the sprints were a killer! It was a challenge not to walk after each one.

I cooled down with a 1/4 mile walk in about 4 mins. Legs are jello- hopefully sugar free jello 😉

Wearing my heart rate monitor, I burned 436 calories! Thats more than I would burn at a steady state 4 mile run- this is why interval training is so effective at burning fat. I kept my heart rate between 135-185 (a littttle high but those 8 MPH sprints were hard!) but even during the walking intervals my heart rate didn’t drop below 135. The active recovery intervals (still running after the sprints) ensures your heart rate to stay up!

So. Sweaty.

I met up with Alyse after for lunch where I had an enormous salad. Spinach, beets, tomatoes, feta, grilled chicken & egg whites with balsamic and a splash of honey dijon. I have been craving salt the last few days which is SO much more controllable for me than a sugar craving. I am really staying away from anything with added sugar as I am determined to kick that nasty habit I picked up!

I just finally TANNED and now I’m heading to spin class. I walked around the city all afternoon and it was so nice out. Such a great day off! I just snacked on a dark chocolate + peanut protein KIND bar so I can power through class!

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