It’s a gloomy, rainy, humid in January day here in NYC. It’s in the upper 50’s! I was sweating walking to work because I am obviously dressed in layers seeing as how it’s January… So weird.

Sleep never felt so good last night. I woke up once and shut off my alarm because sleep was more important than making it to the gym this morning!

I made a smoothie last night for a quick breakfast this morning because I had an early meeting. In the mix:

Frozen peaches
1/2 banana
1/2 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt
1/2 + a few splashes more of light vanilla soy milk
3/4 scoop protein powder

Blend, and apparently don’t freeze for the next morning. It sat out of the freezer for over 3 years before I could have it and it was still like a slushie! A yummy and healthy slushie, but a little weird to be eating it with a utensil out of a shake cup.

Lunch was good but soggy. I saved my lunch from yesterday to have today, which was sprouted grain bread with guacamole, egg whites and cheese plus a side of butternut squash and edamame. The sandwich was really soggy which totally grosses me out… I ate it anyways obviously.

I’m going to try the new flavor of Lunabar later before the gym, which is honey pretzel peanut! Sounds so good. I have 4 miles to run at the gym after work, followed by tanning and having a relaxing night in with John. Crazy friday night, as usual. What can I say, my couch and sleep trumps being out in the cold and having a hangover!


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