New Chobani + Whole Foods

I finally found the new flavor of Chobani this weekend. Apple cinnamon. It tastes even better than it sounds.

It is the perfect amount of sweet in my opinion because it’s not too sweet at all! I am already dreaming of ways to use it.. in healthy muffins? With oatmeal? In a smoothie? I am so excited! Because of the added sugar in the flavored kinds, I only have them once in awhile and they are such a healthy sweet treat!

This morning I woke up very reluctantly and so exhausted, but I tend to skip Monday AM workouts lately. I always go to my favorite spin class on Monday nights, but since every weekend is ever so indulgent, an extra cardio sesh can’t hurt. I did some of 30 Day Shred level 2 with Caitlin and some moves of my own, but I’m getting bored to death with the shred and think it’s time to try a new dvd!

My legs are screaming from the 9 miles of hill running yesterday! I did 35 minutes of torture on the elliptical… I can’t express how much I hate that machine. I was on resistance levels 8-16 and going fast for every few minutes, yet still couldn’t get my heart rate higher than 150. That’s like a jog for me. It was still better than nothing, but I am skipping my spin class tonight because my quads have suffered enough! But I cranked up the tunes and cranked out 4.35 miles.

Breakfast today: plain greek yogurt + frozen blueberries + Kashi go lean high protein twigs + banana + PB. Plus a soy misto from Starbucks. This combo held me over for over 5 hours!

Lunch was so random. 2 hard boiled eggs with ketchup + greek yogurt + cocoa roast almonds + apple + PB. So so filling because this had a ton of protein!

I skipped my afternoon snack of a Clif mojo bar since I’m skipping spin. Tonight’s dinner was courtesy of Whole Foods, I was craving salad bar so bad. My favorite salad at Whole Foods is this:

The combination of figs and red onion is amazing! I really don’t like pasta or rice, but wheatberries are an amazing grain. They are really filling and I love that they are a little more versatile than rice. I’ve heard people use them as a breakfast dish, instead of oatmeal.

My salad mess was lots of this, plus chicken marinated with pineapple, red sauce and peppers, beets, butternut squash, kale, sprouts, and a few pieces of tofu that I ate while waiting in line… oops 🙂

I was just too exhausted to even think about making anything for dinner. I’m going to bed no later than 10, so I need to go make my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Work out plan for tomorrow = weights and run in the morning and possibly a spin class at night. Let’s hope my legs are less sore tomorrow!

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