9 miles

What a weekend.

Friday night was delightfully lazy. Cereal for dinner and watching a marathon of Law & Order SVU and Portlandia while cuddling with John is my favorite way to spend a night.

Saturday was work, followed by thinking I was going out to party for the night.. Until I got a surprise text from my running buddy asking me to join her for a long run with the Jack Rabbit running group! We hadn’t gone in a couple of months so I decided to stay in and be a nervous wreck all night πŸ™‚ I get such bad anxiety before working out with other people! I love it once it’s happening though!

Sunday morning came and I headed down to 72nd street. The group had more people than the first time which was fun, and we all set out for a long run in Central Park at different paces.

We had a fast start, running 8-8:30 min miles and because of my anxiety and knowing I had to run for over an hour, I got burnt out fast. I wanted to run 8 miles so I slowed down and had a few others slow down too, which is why running with a group is so nice.. They’re super motivating and supportive! And they don’t judge you when you’re the slowest in the group and breathe like you need an oxygen mask πŸ™‚

The first 5.5ish flew by, as we explored the park on the most gorgeous winter day. We stopped to use the bathrooms at the Boathouse and then continued on. The last miles were brutal and almost all hills. I wanted to stop at 8, but we had 1 more mile to get back to the store so we ran it back.

My longest run to date, 9 miles in 1 hour 25 mins and some change for an average pace of 9:27. Not bad at all!

Post run: grocery shopping, a very upset stomach, hot shower, egg white oats in a PB jar, 3 mile walk with Caitlin for froyo.

Snickerdoodle froyo, peanut butter cups, crushed cookie and cheesecake bites. Great lunch if I say so myself!

John met me for dinner at my new favorite place, Grey Dog Cafe in Chelsea. They play awesome music and have such good food; why go to one of the 9866 billion other restaurants in NYC when you have the best in one place?

Favorite meal maybe ever: sweet potato fries + a turkey and avocado sandwich on homemade 9 grain bread with honey mustard. 84% healthy.

I am weird and always have my legs in weird positions, even in restaurants. This is why I avoid fancy places, I don’t they would like my feet on their chairs..

Pics are at the bottom because I’m blogging from my phone and it doesn’t add them after each caption. If only I could afford an iPad.




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