Overnight Oats Success & February Goals

My second attempt at overnight oats was a success! This mixture looked pretty gross, but tasted amazing and refreshing. I forsee this combo being very popular in the hot summer months! Last night I mixed:

1/4 cup rolled oats (I use Trader Joe’s multi-grain)
1/2 packet Vega vanilla chai powder
1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Sprinkle of splenda + cinnamon

I left this overnight in a covered tupperware container and this morning I added:

Frozen blueberries + banana slices + 1/4 cup Kashi go lean + crunchy PB.

It was a big green and blue mush and was so good! Seeing as how it’s 60 degrees in NYC today, on February 1st, this cold bowl hit the spot.

I have failed this week at two things: waking up for the gym (except monday) and bringing my lunch. I feel well rested, but I never spend money on lunch like I’ve done this week. That stops tomorrow! Today’s buy was delicious, however.

Turkey + avocado + egg + sprouts + cuke + tomato on honey wheat bread with a bag of buffalo wing pretzel crisps. I was craving crunch, and I am proud to say that after 1 serving of them, I threw the rest away! 🙂 The bag is 2 servings and I usually eat things even when I don’t need more. The sandwich totally filled me up and that one serving satisfied my craving. That is a major accomplishment for me!!

Those pretzels were a lifesaver when I was first losing weight because I was addicted to chips. These days one of my many addictions are iced coffees with soy milk 🙂 The creaminess that soy milk gives is sooo much better than dairy milk! Yum-o. Iced coffees help me big time as snacks. Super low calorie and they take me a few hours to drink, not to mention I must pee out at least a few extra ounces! My snack before the gym tonight is a raspberry truffle Nugo bar. My gym plan is upper body strength + abs then spin class.

Being that it’s February 1st, I’d love to set out some goals for the month! Here are mine:

More strength training. I am really bored with 30 Day Shred and need to start Ripped in 30. I also want to add some moves after the dvd as Bess did! I love how she makes up her own strength/body weight moves right in her living room.

More running. I don’t have a structured running plan each week because I go by how I feel. But I want to actually train for my half marathon in May… Which brings me to the next goal.

Sign up for the Binghamton half marathon. I keep talking about it, but haven’t officially signed up! I also need to sign up for other races to keep myself motivated. I loved the group long run Sunday and want to go to those at least twice a month.

Have more fun. I pretty much do nothing but work and work out and I sometimes miss being more social. I don’t exactly love drinking because I get a horrible hangover no matter what, but sometimes it’s worth it for a fun night out.

Stop committing to so many things. At the same time, I also get burnt out fast because I want to do it all, but really can’t. It’s okay to say no and not make plans, and I need to work on that so that I’m not always having to cancel. Trying to wake up 4-5 times per week at 430 AM to not miss a workout is obviously not working for me, so I need to stop spreading myself so thin!

Stay within weight loss calories at least 4 times per week. For me, I lose when I eat 1400-1700 calories. I am consistently eating more than that which I can maintain on, but I want to lose these last pounds.

I feel more confident when I put my goals out there. I will do a weekly check in, and then a month check in and see what I accomplished!

Pics of my eats at the bottom courtesy of this app not adding pics where I want them. Boooo!






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