The hardest time.

I’ve been MIA from blogging for the last week or so due to my beloved, wonderful grandma being extremely sick. She went into the hospital Sunday with double pnemonia, and 3 days later she is worse. Even though I have my parents who are amazing, my grandma has been in my life every day since the day I was born almost 24 years ago. Willing to help with anything anyone needed, always optimistic and loving life, the biggest heart and un-judging human with a fierce Irish stubborness, my grandma welcomed everyone into her life and cared about them as though everyone was family. My best friends knew her as grandma too, and she considers John one of her own(quite possibly loves him more than me!). There isn’t a thing in the world you couldn’t go to her with, and while she might have scolded you at first, she offered help and resolutions right after. If this is her time, I ask nothing more than for her to go peacefully, and to end her battle with struggling for every breath she takes. There will be a void in our lives bigger than anyone can comprehend, but I promise to live my life to the fullest, cherishing every moment, loving people with even half as much heart as her, in her honor. You mean the entire universe to me, Grama. I hope you can hold on, peacefully, for as long as you can.


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