Garden Lites + Grief Eats

Sorry ahead of time; this post may be a little long as it’s re-capping a few days.

I recently won a shipment of Garden Lites from a contest on Monica’s blog! I have tried Garden Lite in the past and loved that their products are under 200 calories and packed with vegetables, plus they come in an easy-to-microwave package which are perfect for a snack at the office or an addition to a lunch or dinner. They came in very handy this weekend when I had no appetite over my grandma’s sickness, but knew I needed to get my nutrients in (my grandma would kill me knowing I wasn’t eating my veggies!). Long days at the hospital resulted in not eating until late, as I refuse to eat out of a vending machine, so one night I popped in the Butternut Squash Soufle. The flavor and texture was delicious- smooth and buttery which fits the criteria for comfort food! But the stats are much better than most comfort food.

I had it along with a salad and a piece of ziti that my mom’s friend sent to us so we wouldn’t have to worry about dinner. Another friend of her’s sent homemade chili, including one batch of turkey chili for me πŸ™‚ So, so generous. It’s so nice to have people who care so much especially in a hard time for my family.

Most days I had a quick english muffin with peanut butter before we’d head to the hospital early, then just drink coffee and water all day. Eating just wasn’t a priority, but as I struggled to get my grandma to eat to regain some strength, I remembered how important it is to keep eating healthy or just eating in general during hard times. The less you eat, the more weak you will become. Physically and emotionally. While some days included fast pizza for lunch, I didn’t eat dinner many nights out of exhaustion. Finally one night I decided to make a healthy dinner because I was feeling weak and my stomach was acting up, obviously.

I toasted 2 light english muffins, fried up 2 eggs and spread each muffin with avocado. I scooped out the rest of the avocado on the plate and sprinked it all with Trader Joe’s pink salt. It was amazing and I finally got a night of sleep after. Healthy, comfort food.

Leaving Sunday afternoon was difficult, but right before I left my grandma was able to speak to my brother and I and she gave me her Claddagh ring that she told me she’d give me one day. It made me feel more at peace being able to talk to her for just a moment. Luckily I’m off today & wednesday, so I went back upstate til tomorrow. Which I will continue to do on my days off. I want to be with her every possible moment that I can be.

I hadn’t worked out in almost 2 weeks which is the longest I’ve gone in years. I lost a few pounds but I know it was just muscle, which I don’t want to happen. This morning before I caught my bus, I ran a quick 1.5 mile warm-up (after 2 weeks, 6 MPH had my lungs burning!) and died through level 1 of 30DS with Caitlin. My abs got an extra dose of hurt because we were laughing the whole time πŸ™‚ It didn’t keep my mind off of my grandma, but I at least felt a little better.

This AM on the bus after my gym session, I ate some overnight oats. In the mix:

– 1/4 cup oats
– 1/2 packet Vega powder
– 1/4 cup greek yogurt
– 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
– 1/2 cup light vanilla soy milk

Soaked overnight and topped this morning with frozen pineapple + banana + Kashi GoLean + PB. Aka everything left in my freezer/cupboards. Just how I like it ❀

For lunch at my parents I had turkey bacon, tomato slices, egg whites and miracle whip on 2 slices of toasted honey wheat bread. I have more of an appetite today I guess from finally working out this morning.

Now I'm at the hospital with my family, at my grandma's bedside. She is a little more relaxed today and was able to talk a little. All I can say without getting into much detail is I have very little faith in the medical field, at least regarding care/treatment in the hospital. I'm so thankful my family and I have been able to take care of her.

Oh, and happy valentine's day if you celebrate it. I won't go on about how lame I think it is (and I've been with John for 6 years) but make sure you love the people you love everyday, not just on February 14th. That’s my 2 cents πŸ™‚







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