Hospital Food

After a week in the hospital with my grandma, we finally decided to try some cafeteria food Tuesday night. To my surprise, there was a damn good salad bar and wrap station! I loaded up a container with romaine + beets + broccoli + mushrooms + kidney beans + cukes + peas + cheese, topped with balsamic and a driz of honey mustard.

I also got a spinach wrap with grilled chicken + tomato/avocado salsa-type spread with honey mustard on the side. It tasted pretty fresh and healthy.

My brother and I have gotten close through my grandma’s hospital stay, which is the only positive thing about it. Our grandma always wanted us to be closer, as she had tons of siblings and loved them all. I am really happy about it, and think we will continue to get closer as we get older 🙂

Yesterday morning was hectic and I never ate the breakfast I packed. I had tons of coffee and water, and finally at about 2 I ate my bowl of:

1/2 cup oats
1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder

Topped with cinnamon + sugar free syrup + banana + Fiber 1 twigs + peanut butter. A sad bus ride later, I felt pretty weak and extremely down. On the way to the subway, I caved and got an Auntie Anne’s original pretzel + sweet mustard. I haven’t had one in probably a year, year and a half? Pretty sweet dinner if you ask me.

I am just so sad to not be able to be with my grandma every day right now. I know it’s not even realistic, and I am lucky to be able to go every few days. It hurts a lot to see her like this and then have to leave. But thankfully my brother, mom, and aunt are all there to be with her.

I wasn’t sure if I should even blog, but I know my grandma would kill me if I were putting any of my life on hold. Blogging and reading blogs helps me stay as positive as I can right now.

I got pretty close to 8 hours of sleep last night, which right now is more important than fitting in workouts every day. I don’t have the energy between being so sad and not eating much, but I am going to make more effort to at least get out for a run a few times a week. Making sure I eat healthy is more of a priority. I started my morning with pineapple Chobani + some plain greek yogurt, topped with frozen pineapple. I saved oats for lunch since I am limited on the food I have at my apartment from traveling. Right now I’m eating oats with banana protein powder, chia seeds and a banana inside of an almost empty PB jar. I’m at Starbucks on my lunch break, and I’m getting a lot of dirty stares since it looks like I’m just eating a jar of PB. Little do they know, that would be pretty normal for me…

Sorry for the pics at the end of the posts instead of after the descriptions; I haven’t used my laptop in weeks. It’s too bulky to take with me when I travel, so I’m just blogging on my iPhone for now. If anyone wants to buy me a MacBook, just let me know 🙂




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