Challenge Yourself

Overslept again day #2. No big deal, I just really wanted to start Ripped in 30 today since it’s March 1st! It was my off day for running, but I am forcing myself to go to the gym and bust out Ripped in 30 after work. I brought along my computer and the dvd, and I am now blogging on my lunch break. Unfortunately it’s my later night at work like every Thursday, but the workout is 24 minutes long- suck it up, Jen. I have a month to get into bangin’ shape for my birthday 🙂

I woke up feeling really weird and bummed. I haven’t had dreams in years, that I remember anyways. Since my grandma passed away two weeks ago already, I have had a few. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t good either. I am now getting a little bit of anxiety before I go to bed because I get scared I am going to have nightmares. I went through that a few years ago and it was awful. I don’t think that will happen again, but I do get a little scared. I hope eventually my dreams about her are wonderful. Right now I just haven’t found any closure, although 2 weeks into it I don’t think anyone does.

On a more positive note, I started my day with a delicious, hot bowl of protein oats. And 2 cups of bananas foster coffee. Ate it while reading blogs, doesn’t get better.

The title of this post, Challenge Yourself, is referring to my challenge to come up with what to bring for lunch today. I love that I haven’t bought lunch at all this week! My goal is to bring lunch at least 4 days of the work week, and if I don’t have food left I will allow myself to buy an unlimited topping salad for lunch, since it’s only $8. You better believe I get every single topping when I get it!

My lunch might look disgusting, but it worked and I knew it would. I’m not picky, I love my food mixed together, so this isn’t a surprise. Last night I saw I had 1 veggie burger left, the Dr.Praeger’s kind, so I nuked it and threw on a piece of soy cheese. Obviously 150 calories for lunch wasn’t going to hold me over. I had a few eggs left, so I hard-boiled some and threw in 2 with some organic ketchup. Seriously, it all tasted so good! Then again, cover anything in ketchup and I would eat it.

My mid-morning snack was a fail in what it looked like, but not in taste. I made the exact same PowerCake as I made last night, but for some reason it came out like oatmeal gone wrong. Still tasted fine, so I threw in some frozen blueberries and sugar-free syrup. I also had a large soy iced coffee. It held me over for all of 20 minutes before my stomach was growling again. It’s just a hungry day. I hate those days! 😦

Snack later will be the usual plain greek yogurt + chia seeds + frozen strawberries + cocoa powder + honey. Then, I will suffer through 24 minutes of Jillian Michaels! I hope by posting this it will hold me accountable to actually do it.

Do you challenge yourself to bring your meals to work instead of buying lunch?



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