Saturday Survey!

It’s a long Saturday at work, so I figured I could fill out this survey borrowed from a great blog, Oatmeal After Spinning. I used to be mildly obsessed with surveys back in the MySpace days.

A is for age: 23… only for a few more weeks! eeek

B is for breakfast today: 1/2 cup oatmeal + 1/2 scoop protein powder + 1 tbsp MILA seeds (stay tuned for a Mila giveaway!) + unsweetened vanilla almond milk, nuked with sliced banana and my new  favorite COCONUT OIL PEANUT BUTTER!

C is for currently craving: nothing, because I am eating my favorite lunch of the week, which is egg, avocado, goat cheese, carrots, spinach and light mayo on a french baguette! allll my fav’s in one 🙂

D is for dinner tonight: not sure yet! i’m hoping for pizza and salad, my fav carb loading dinner before long-run sundays!

E is for favorite type of exercise: running! close second is spinning when the instructor is awesome!

F is for an irrational fear: haha i have so many irrational fears i can’t even begin to name them.

G is for gross food: steak, it’s pretty much the only food that totally repulses me. and fast food in general is disgusting.

H is for hometown: born in Cape Cod, MA but raised in Endwell, NY

I is for something important: family!

J is for current favorite jam: beaautiful peeeople by chris brown (hate him, but love that song)

K is for kids: noooo thank you. nope nope nope.

L is for current location: Manhattan, NY 🙂

M is for the most recent way you spent money: food, as usual! i buy lunch only 1-2 times a week, and it’s usually on the weekends so I treated myself to the veggie baguette at Macaron Cafe, my absolute favorite.

N is for something you need: to pee, right now, as usual haha and then start taking my 1/2 marathon training more seriously.. its about 7 weeks away and i have been slacking!

O is for occupation: currently a receptionist/ customer service rep.. hopefully in the future i will work in the health/fitness industry and also fashion

P is for pet peeve: everything. i get annoyed so easily.

Q is for a quote: i can never remember them but honestly i think every time i read quotes i love them someway or another haha

R is for random fact about you: i have never had a cavity!

S is for favorite healthy snack: greek yogurt, Nugo Bars, Luna Bars, protein fruit smoothies

T is for favorite treat: 16 handles froyo covered in mini peanut butter cups, or a really delicious muffin toasted with butter… aahhh

U is for something that makes you unique: my weight loss of 110 pounds at such a young age!

V is for favorite vegetable: orange peppers!

W is for today’s workout: ran 1.5 miles on my lunch break, and will do another 50 minute treadmill workout tonight

X is for X-rays you’ve had: teeth, body after a car accident

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: going for a long walk after work with Brenda around NYC.. still can’t believe we both moved here and are living our dreams 🙂

Z is for your time zone: Eastern

Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey!”

  1. Oooh your lunch sounds awesome! And I have GOT to find that coconut oil peanut butter- yum! I just looked at your photos on MFP- your weight loss is amazing!
    Have a fun Saturday working- I have a good friend that has a dream job (in fashion) coordinating PR & Events for Sax in NYC.

  2. Thank you so much! Your friends job sounds like MY dream job! PR & Event planning is one of my favorite things.. I work for a huge luxury fashion brand, but only as a receptionist right now. I found that coconut oil PB and Whole Foods.. I hope you find it, you will love it! 🙂

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