Walking, Shin Splints + Pizza

Hello lovely blog readers! I am in a pretty good mood right now because it’s Monday, I am off work today and I just slept in until 9:30 AM! Not setting an alarm felt very refreshing and I woke up when my body was ready to. Not a common occurrence in our lives usually! So I made a pot of coffee, am eating a big bowl of pumpkin banana egg white oats which are made with 1/3 cup rolled oats + 1/4 cup pure pumpkin + 2 egg whites + sliced banana + cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice + few splashes of unsweetened vanilla almond milk + water. These oats are super fluffy and the whole bowl is about 350 calories, chock-full of healthy carbs and protein. Obviously, mine is topped with sugar free syrup and coconut oil peanut butter. That stuff is the bomb.com and I want to get some coconut oil and start cooking with it, you can really taste it in the peanut butter!

I have been experiencing shin splints (shin pain) for the first time since I started running/walking a ton over 2 years ago. At the time, I had horrible, old Nike’s and needed new sneakers. Now, I just got new sneakers a week ago but right before I got them I started having minor shin pain. I think it’s a combination of not being very active during the month of February because I was upstate in the hospital with my grandma for a big majority of the month, and then I kind of jumped right back into old mileage when I was back in NYC. I also think I am adjusting to the new sneakers, because it has helped the pain in my knee, now it’s just moved on to another part of my legs. Seriously, running hates me. But I love it so πŸ™‚

As some of you know, I began my weight loss journey in 2009 with lots of walking. I seriously didn’t do another form of exercise, except for 20 minute wimpy circuits the semester I went to Herkimer for my gym class credit, for over a year and it helped me take off at least 70 pounds. Once I started incorporating running, and then eventually weights, I dropped the rest and toned up. Walking is still one of my favorite forms of exercise and stress release, mainly because it doesn’t ever feel like you are doing it when you don’t want to. Living in NYC gives me my daily dose of walking at least a mile, but on my days off or just when I need to run an errand or go tanning, I walk to and from and get in a good 2-3 or more miles. In some ways it is a better stress release than running because you aren’t competing with yourself or anyone else, you are just strolling along. The last few months I haven’t been walking as much, but I changed that the last few weeks by throwing on my sneakers at lunch time and walking around for at least half of my lunch hour. My point being, get walkin’! Throw on your sneakers, or throw them in your bag and bust them out when you can for 15-20 minutes a day, at the least. Do I look like a fool in dress pants and a nice coat with sneakers on my lunch break? You bet your ass I do, but I ended up seeing many fabulous women in the luxury fashion area I work in doing the same πŸ™‚ Working in fashion, and living in NYC in general, means we are short on time and always on the go, go, go! If you are short on time, make your walk count by walking fast or trying some hills. If you have an hour, keep the pace fast but you can do intervals where you walk fast and then walk normal. This is a great beginner’s work out that could have you running in less than a year! It’s also less stressful on your joints so you can walk every day. Walking coupled with making healthier choices at every meal, staying within a healthy calorie range for your BMI and lifestyle, plus strength training a few times a week will make such a HUGE difference in your health and body!

I just wanted to stress that if you are new to fitness, just getting back into fitness or heck, even need a break from vigorous running and cardio, get back to the basics with walking!

Now, it wouldn’t be a fun post without some fitness and delicious eats thrown in. Saturday I fit in a 1.5 mile run on my lunch break at the gym (made it a HIIT workout to make it worth it!) and then went to the gym after work to try and run another 4. Unfortunately, my shins had other plans and I only ran another mile or so. I did some weights, then went to one of my favorite restaurants with John, Five Napkin Burger! There was a wait so we had some drinks at the bar. This is highly unlike me to order a drink at dinner, mainly because alcohol is so expensive and I never finish my drinks when food is involved. Would I rather drink alcohol or have enough room in my belly for a plate of sweet potato fries? I think you know the answer. No picture of my veggie burger because I was starving and wolfed it down in record time. Here is proof that I actually had some of the wine I ordered (and felt buzzed off 1/2 the glass, since I hadn’t eaten in hours and ran):

PS- this is a semi-fancy restaurant (yes, NYC likes to make burger joints fancy) and I didn’t even shower after my 2 runs. Why does John take me anywhere in public?

Yesterday I worked then ran 5 miles through beautiful, sunny, crowded Central Park. My shins hurt so bad 2.5 miles into the run that I stopped to stretch, bitch and take pictures.

running path at the reservoir
okay NYC, we get it. You're beautiful. Stop bragging.

I was actually almost in tears because it hurt so bad. I am not advising ANYONE to run through pain, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t just being a huge baby. I prayed to my grandma, sorry to get mushy and sad here, and cried a little bit because #1, i miss her so badly, and #2 i want to be able to run the Binghamton 1/2 marathon in May in honor of her and I can’t be sidelined by stupid shin pain. I started to run again and the pain didn’t completely go away, but it hurt MUCH less and definitely enough to keep running. I was feeling great mentally and physically except for the shin pain, and I really wanted to go 6-7 miles but stopped at 5 and walked back to the gym.

Pizza and a huge salad and a homemade roll after this run (and a shower, finally) made me feel a little bit better. It’s unlike me to partake in the bread basket mostly because bread doesn’t really do it for me, but I had a huge homemade roll that the waitress brought out dipped in olive oil and parm cheese, and it was heavenly. If all rolls tasted that good, I would be large again. Luckily, they don’t. Thin crust NYC pizza is the answer to all of the world’s problems.

This was at Angelo’s in Midtown Manhattan, near Times Square if you are wondering where a great pizza place is in tourist land.

Okay, I’m off to a 12:15 spin class, then Trader Joe’s, then another spin class later if my legs are feeling up for it! Giving my shins some rest today from running, and I wore compression socks all night so I am hoping that will help!

Do you enjoy walking? If you are a runner, do you let yourself walk instead of run for exercise ever?

Where is your favorite pizza, in NYC or otherwise?!


2 thoughts on “Walking, Shin Splints + Pizza”

  1. What you said about walking is totally correct- sometimes when it’s nice out, I make myself trade in gym days for walking outside and crank up the pace! It helps if I bring a dog along, because they do NOT like to go slow.
    Have you gone to a good running store to look at shoes? When I first started running, I bought a really expensive pair of Nike Shox and had horrible shin splints. Then, I went to a running specialty store and had them assess my feet, and they sold me a pair of Mizunos. I liked those for a while, but then started wearing Brooks and never went back! I never get shin splints any more- the right shoes really can make all the difference!
    Oh- and as for pizza- I like it all- seriously. That would definitely be my desert island food (thin crust of course).

    1. I want a dog someday so badly, so I can make sure I walk them lots! Sadly I went to one of the best running stores in NYC last week to get fitted for new ones because my Asics were too old and I had been having knee problems for months since I got them.. they analyzed my form on the treadmill with a video, then I tried on 3 different pairs that the girl said would work for me. I went with the Brooks Ghost 4 because they had less cushioning, but now I’m wondering if I should have stuck with a more cushioned one. My form feels like it’s better than it was, so maybe the shin splints are just my legs getting used to a better pair of sneakers? Thats what Im hoping for! Jeez.. and pizza should just be the only food there is, calorie-free πŸ˜‰

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