Total Body

I lied yesterday.

I lied when I said I was going to take 2 spin classes.

I have a bit of an obsession with trying new gyms/group exercise classes. Living in NYC, there are so many gym options and many deals from Living Social, Groupon, Amazon deals and even more sites that feed my addiction for much cheaper. I had an Amazon deal for New York Sports Club that was going to expire, so I cashed it in on Saturday. It’s 2 blocks from my work, not to mention on pretty much every street in NYC. P.S.: This brings my grand total of gym memberships to 4 at the moment. All thanks to deals! 🙂

When I called to reserve my spot in the 12:15 spin class, it was booked! But, the lady told me there was another 12:15 class called total body conditioning. I LOVE strength training classes because it forces me to do all the reps and learn new moves. This class was no exception. There was no cardio at all, just back-to-back sets generally using upper and lower body moves together, similar to Jillian Michaels but a little slower paced. By the end, I was a pool of jello! I am really happy I went instead of doing cardio.

After grocery shopping and enjoying some sunshine with a 1.5 mile walk, I went home to finally eat! I meant to take my blender bottle with protein powder so I could refuel my muscles, but forgot it at home. So I whipped up a protein smoothie-in-a-bowl but left out the spinach. Just wasn’t feelin’ it. In the mix:

1 scoop protein powder (mine is GNC banana cream.. So good!)
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Frozen strawberries
1/2 frozen banana

Blended all up and topped with 1/2 cup Kashi GoLean high protein twigs + 1 tbsp coconut oil peanut butter. I am so stoked on warm weather and smoothies are making a comeback!

I cleaned my kitchen, showered and realized I wasn’t in the mood for cardio?! Very unlike me. I guess I felt nice and clean after showering and didn’t feel like getting sweaty!

In leiu of spin class, I went to Panera Bread. They finally have opened in NYC! Panera is my favorite “fast-ish food chain”… There are plenty of healthy options. My go-to is the greek salad with grilled chicken, no greek dressing. I get balsamic on the side and use one small container, cut up the whole salad and mix together. Then I sub a whole wheat baguette for the white one. I also indulge my diet soda love here because diet pepsi tastes so good there! But then I get a stomach ache, always. Not sure why I let myself drink it…

I am sore today from that class and looooving it! I am hoping to take the class 2 times per week, and fit in Jillian Michaels on another day. I am starting to feel fitter again and noticing some small changes. It’s putting me in a much happier mood! You just have to have patience, trust me.

I woke up a little late today but still going to get in a little cardio on the treadmill, probably HIIT style since I only have about 20 minutes. Then I am planning on a spin class tonight at NYSC to see if I like theirs.. It’s hard to top how awesome Gold’s Gym’s spin classes are!




2 thoughts on “Total Body”

  1. Hey hun, LOVE following your blog. Can I make a suggestion? Will you put your most favorite Healthy recipes on here. I would be forever in your debt. Your my inspiration and motovation. Meeting friends in NYC in the next coming months. Will call so… Me, You, and Brenda.. can meet up……

    1. KERRIE! YES I am working on buying my domain name and creating some new things on the blog, including a recipe page! Hoping in the next few weeks it will be up! DEFINITELY get ahold of brenda and I, we would loveee to meet up!! ❤

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