Hungry Days

Yesterday’s lunch after spin and walking around with heavy grocery bags was especially delicious. I was craving spicy, vegetables, avocado, eggs and english muffins. Yes, it’s normal to have 5 cravings at once. I made a plate with chopped romaine lettuce, carrots and hot/sweet mustard as my base. Then I threw in some stir-fry vegetables with cooking spray in a frying pan with seasonings, then cracked in 3 egg whites. That went on top of my salad, plus hummus and hot sauce. I swear it was amazing, or at the very least; colorful.

Vegetables and spicy craving fulfilled. My next part of lunch was a toasted whole wheat english muffin topped with an entire sliced avocado and fried, runny egg. Also, an unhealthy amount of pink sea salt (salt is my demise).

Holy. Yum. I was so full from this for many hours. I lounged, finally showered, then went to run some errands. I met up with John down in the village so he could have his craving fulfilled, which was a giant chocolate chip cookie from Roasting Plant. I hung out outside in the beautiful weather and snapped some photo’s.

So hipster. I swear Instagram has turned me into some hipster wanna-be photog! Oh well 🙂

Dinner way too late was a sweet potato, tuna, goat cheese and hot/sweet mustard. Delicious combo.

This morning was an awesome change of plans. Generally Caitlin and I meet in the mornings to bust out some 30 Day Shred and then I go running, but today neither of us were feelin’ it. We went for a 40 minute walk around midtown and it was glorious, fog and humidity included. After the walk I did 20 minutes of HIIT on the tread and a quick 10 minute strength circuit. Without a dvd or a class, I max out my boredom of weight lifting at 10 minutes.

However, no matter the amount I spend lifting, I am SO much hungrier all day versus when I just do cardio! Holy crap, I ate my usual bowl of protein oats with blueberries, banana and Bettern Peanut Butter which usually holds me 4-5 hours. 2 hours after my stomach was growling. Enter: no sugar added dark chocolate stolen from my co-worker. I love dark chocolate and even more so when it tastes so natural like this one!

Ignore the diet coke, I snapped this last week when this was a snack. Minutes later I was growling again. Sometimes hungry days make me angry and anxious, but if you try to listen to your body and think about how you feel, you can sometimes work through it. I am also days away from my period, so the hungry days are intense right now! I kept drinking water, then on my break I got an iced coffee with soy and went for a walk. My actual lunch was supposed to be egg whites and soy cheese on a WW english muffin and a huge edamame salad, but I was fine after the egg white sammy. Iced coffee is my personal hunger quieter, which with soy milk is about 50 calories.

I ate my lunch salad for dinner tonight, then a mug of Kashi Go Lean with cinnamon, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and peanut butter and raspberry jam on top. PB&J cereal, try it.

Try not to let hungry days get you anxious or give you an invitation to binge-ville. No one wants to go there. My tricks in list form:

  • Have small snacks/meals every 2 hours on these days. Knowing you will eat something sooner can help tone down the mental anxiousness.
  • Drink lots of water! They say it cause it’s true.
  • Iced coffee with milk gives you a tiny bit of calories but really fills you up, plus gives you energy.
  • Do something active, even just a walk. Being active can suppress hunger and make you more aware of if you really are hungry.
  • Load up on vegetables. You really can’t overeat vegetables! Top them with a protein like egg whites, a healthy dip like hummus, mustard, hot sauce or when in doubt: eat an entire avocado like I did yesterday 🙂

When you are really active, our bodies get extra hungry because we are burning calories constantly, even at rest! Just choose the right, healthy foods and be conscious of your calorie intake. You could be eating too little if you find yourself always hungry. Try tracking on!

How do you feel about extra hungry days? Any tips you have to stress less and avoid binging?


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