weekend pics & my <3 for spin

Happy Tuesday! I had a great weekend despite having to work both days. I may be an adult but my 6 month break from the retail world really spoiled me with having weekends off! I started the weekend off on Friday after cleaning all day by having a marathon gym session, aka back-to-back classes. I started with a 20 minute HIIT treadmill session that felt amazing because I had just downed 5 cups of coffee! Then I headed to a total body class that was completely different from the first one I took last week, let’s say I wasn’t feelin’ it as much because the teacher was very “zen” if you will and way too slow. However, every inch of my body was burning from her very small motion moves and I was sore all weekend! After my HIIT and strength class, I was going to do a spinning class but that is one class I cannot take when I don’t like the instructor. She had the music too low so she could talk the whole time… I hopped off and performed my own private class on these awesome bikes that have a screen attached. 25 mins of intervals that I was choreographing to my playlist. I am definitely going to get certified in the next few months so I can be a teacher! I am loving spin so much!

After the gym I hung out at Caitlin’s and had some wine, then we went to dinner at the best place ever, Five Napkin Burger! I seriously am always in the mood for this place. Best homemade veggie burger, sweet potato fries, and the atmosphere is so fun and swanky! We started off with more wine while waiting for a table.

That’s Caitlin! Go to her blog and tell her to update more, because she is a fabulous gal and some of us would like to read her fabulous writing… ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday I worked and had a great lunch. If I work weekends, I treat myself with my favorite sandwich from Macaron Cafe. While I was waiting, the awesome girls gave me a free macaron. It was earl gray flavored and really good!

Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day and my job happens to be right on the path of the parade. That meant on lunch hour, the streets were so crazy.. it took me 10 minutes to walk 2 blocks! Everyone was drunk and it was hilarious. I was jealous, obviously. I met up with Caitlin after for some 16 handles froyo but was disappointed in the flavor selection. Where did no sugar added irish mint go?! I settled with a little angel food cake (way too sweet), cookies & cream and peanut butter. Too chocolatey for me.

Later that night John and I were going to go get thai food for dinner, but I was exhausted and wanted to explore our own neighborhood for once. We have done brunch once in our neighborhood, but there are a lot of good restaurants just blocks from us because the big Columbia Presbyterian hospital is around the corner from us! We ended up at Antika Pizzeria, which was super nice inside, dimly lit and really relaxing. I love that in a restaurant. I was really craving FAT, like badly. That sounds gross, and I don’t mean greasy or fried foods. I eat plenty of peanut butter (obviously) and avocado, which is healthy fat, but I was in the mood for something comforting and sinfully delicious. Enter: Caesar salad. If you weren’t aware that Caeser dressing is especially fattening, now you are. I have a thing for creamy, fatty salad dressings and I very rarely indulge anymore. This salad was thebombdotcom. Creamy, salty, cheesy, yum. Sadly, they put anchovies on top and I swallowed one down not even thinking what it was. I’ll never eat one again. YUCK!

The pizza was delicious, and after a few slices and my fatty salad, I was stuffed.

Dinner was my treat, so John decided to order dessert. How sweet of him, on my dollar ๐Ÿ™‚ He chose the nutella pizza with strawberries and bananas, thinking it would be a small, personal pizza at best. He was wrong… very wrong.

I had a piece despite my fullness, and it was pretty good. Not life changing, and I definitely like crepes better. It was really really thin like a crepe, but not as good in my opinion. We waddled home after lingering for awhile, and I overslept and didn’t work out Sunday despite carb-loading. Oh well ๐Ÿ™‚

This morning I enjoyed a yummy bowl of egg white oats with chia, banana, blueberries, Mila** and Better’n Peanut Butter. I also went to spin class at 12:15 because I was off today. It was my favorite instructor, and after class he told me he really wants me to get certified and to send him a playlist of music to spin to! Clearly he sees me singing and dancing the entire class. No shame.

**I am continuing the Mila giveaway until Friday! Comment and let me know if you use chia, flax or mila and how you use it! You do not have to be a blogger, you can be a reader and comment!

2 thoughts on “weekend pics & my <3 for spin”

  1. Hi darling,
    Thanks for linking to my blog, I PROMISE I’ll start updating more as soon as… well, things calm down a bit. A few comments, 1) That macaron is my two favorite colors–sunshine yellow and Tiffany blue! Love. 2) Haha I love that a Caesar salad is your comfort food. 3) I use flax seeds every day in my oatmeal!! I also add cinnamon, peanut butter and bananas (as you know) and I love the texture the flax seeds add. Would love to give Mila a try! Anyway, keep updating so I have something to read when I need a quick break at work!

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