family + birthday week

Happy Tuesday! This is my birthday week (yes, I get a week) and I’m hoping the time will fly by at work these next few days. Last weekend I went to see my family and as usual, laughed for the entire time. My parents, brother and I together are ridiculous. Almost peeing my pants happened many times. We went to our family friends bar and I had way too much wine which resulted in throwing up all night. I never eat before I drink, and you’d think at almost 24 years old I would learn my lesson. We had fun anyways!

my brother and I!

We kept it super low-key for my birthday dinner because that’s how I roll. One of my favorite places to get food upstate is a bar called Harry Tuft’s. I used to eat their honey mustard chicken wings like they were going out of style, but since my stomach would burst open in flames if I tried to eat wings now, I opted for the grilled chicken salad with the honey mustard sauce on the side and blue cheese. Obviously, sweet potato fries. If they’re on a menu, I order them.

I barely put a dent in my salad or fries because my brother ordered a huge plate of nachos that came INSIDE a huge taco shell. I had a few pieces that I had to scrape the chili/meat off of, so I basically just had a few chips with cheese and full fat sour cream. Just a few left me feeling fullllll. This thing was a beast.

After working all day Sunday, I came home to my birthday gifts from John’s mom. I got a care package of some amazing things that I am obsessing over! First, she gave me her food ninja that she had never even opened! FINALLY I can make smoothies where the ice will actually get blended! Not to mention you can make literally anything in that thing… I’m going to try to make my own hummus eventually!

She also gave me a Rachel Ray lunch bag from Target so I don’t have to carry ugly plastic bags when I lug my 7 containers of food with me every day. It fits so much and I am loving that my food is not gross and melty since it has to sit in my locker at the gym in the mornings. The print of the bag is also cute, so I don’t feel like I’m carrying a Lisa Frank lunch pail or anything. Inside the bag she gave me locking tupperware containers that I use 100 of everyday, and some Kind bars and Luna bars! She is the best “mother-in-law”, or whatever the term is because we aren’t married.. 6 years is close enough 🙂

Sunday night I met up with John after not seeing him for 4 days (he went upstate 2 days before me) and we went to a BBQ place in the West Village that we had a Google Offer deal for. It was called Bone Lick Park and the menu looked great. They had a section of “salad plates” but sadly none of them came with bbq chicken, just turkey and turkey is way too dry for me. I opted for the bbq chicken with a side of sweet potato fries and side salad.

The salad came first and had some kind of dressing that was actually too rich and creamy for me. That’s insane, because I die for the creamy, 500 grams of fat salad dressings. The chicken was super bland, the fries were decent, but the cornbread broke my heart. My favorite BBQ place will always be Dinosaur BBQ and this place didn’t measure up in any way. The people were friendly and I love the neighborhood, so it was fine. I wouldn’t pay full price without a deal, though.

After a fatty weekend (what weekend in my life isn’t fatty?!) I returned my normal, healthy eats yesterday. Started the day with sleeping in a bit, drinking coffee, then running on the treadmill before work… 2.36 miles PAIN FREE! This is my first run in WEEKS where I had no shin pain! I was so happy, even though it was slow!

Eats were: protein oats, a Flatout wrap with eggs, goat cheese, hummus and mustard, a protein shake, greek yogurt with pb2. I went to spin class after work and did a quick upper body strength circuit before class. Dinner was tuna with laughing cow cheese, broccoli and those 40 calorie tofu noodles, plus a veggie plate. This plate was so fresh tasting and so light. I can’t wait to crave cold, crunchy salads when the weather gets hot!

avocado + tomato + sprouts

I slept in this morning and am enjoying some coffee and blogging. I need to get in the shower (actually, needed to 15 minutes ago) and I am planning on a treadmill run on my lunch break, and spin class tonight. Birthday is on Thursday, and I am wearing 2 dresses out this weekend to celebrate so I want to look and feel awesome! 🙂


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