I am officially 24 years young! 🙂 My day started out absolutely amazing. I had the best, long workout I have pretty much ever had. I started out with 20 minutes of weights with Caitlin, then jumped over to my other gym for a spin class with my favorite instructor. Best music ever, I turned up my resistance high and sprinted faster than I ever have during a class. The instructor also announced to the class that it was my birthday, so everyone cheered and we had a blast. I am that annoying person that loves their birthday and wants everyone to know what day it is! After spin, I still had energy and decided to test out my legs on what I figured would just be a walk/run around midtown, but I ended up running fast for 3 miles in under 25 minutes! I felt amazing the whole time. What an AWESOME birthday present! My heart rate monitor also wished me a happy birthday!

I did have to work all day, but my co-workers are awesome and made my day fun. I went shopping on my break (oh, the perks of working on 5th Ave…) and scored a pair of mint green jeans from H&M! I have really been wanting to find a pair, so now my next goal is to find them in red.

I was doing no-sugar added, low-er carb eating all week to feel the fittest I could for this weekend. I actually felt great all week, and I am going to keep sugar and unnecessary carbs out of my eating for most days of the week. I just felt better all around! Sadly, this meant I could not eat any treats like frozen yogurt or even the protein brownie my co-worker brought me (love her!), but I will definitely indulge this Sunday once the tight dress and tight jeans nights are over 🙂

My birthday dinner was absolutely amazing, with my favorite people at one of my favorite restaurants, Qi.

brendie & johnny
Caitlin & I!

We started dinner off right with appetizers and drinks. We shared edamame (unpictured) and these delicious sesame crusted tofu sticks. The spicy chili sauce is my favorite!

Brenda and I had Bangkok Bellini’s, Caitlin had a thai iced tea version of a long island iced tea, and John had edamame. He wasn’t feeling the girly drinks on the menu!

Thai food usually includes high amounts of carbs in the form of rice and noodles, but sticking to my plan and not being a huge noodle lover anyways, I ordered the spicy chicken holy basil dish. It was just chicken and sauteed vegetables with basil and a spicy sauce. Super good and super filling!

Lots of laughing and yes, I got drunk off of 1 bellini. This weekend will be quite interesting as we are planning on being drunk for the majority of it 🙂 You’re only 24 once!


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