Money Honey

It’s no shocker that living in NYC is expensive; it’s mainly the rent, because I save a ton of money by not owning a car and paying for gas (a monthly subway pass is only$104 which offers unlimited rides, and I’d rather walk than take a taxi anywhere) but one thing that really creeps on your wallet is the temptation everywhere of food, shopping, and just living! I have a serious addiction and devotion to Starbucks, and I go through good periods where I can control my habit and only buy it a few times per week. But lately I have been buying my delicious soy creations (iced coffee with soy or soy mistos) at least once per day, if not twice! I am obviously a gold card holder there so I get free drinks every 15th drink, but those have been coming quite frequently if you catch my drift…

I have been doing my best to get out of the debt I collected since I was 18 (way too many credit cards) and last month I actually paid off 2! I have done a great job at figuring out how to eat healthy on a budget, but I need to remember that by factoring in exactly how much I can spend per paycheck on coffee and other goodies, I can further improve my financial status. Enter in my famous: each time I don’t buy a coffee, I put the amount I would have spent in my savings to go towards a credit card. I have easily accumulated $15 in a week, and that small amount goes really far! The faster I get out of debt, the faster I can focus on beginning a career that I actually love. I want to work in health and fitness, coaching others on how to live a healthy life and have it be delicious and fun. That can’t really happen successfully until I don’t need the amount of money I need now to pay my bills and rent. I am more than happy to have a job that doesn’t pay high as long as I am happy. I want to make sure my career path helps others in a positive way and is challenging.

Anyways, that’s what’s been on my mind all day (every day!) but I assure you I have been eating the same things as yesterday 😉 I did not have a morning workout today so I am planning on a spin class after work, so I will definitely be making an iced coffee around 5:30 or so to get my energy level up! It sure does suck to work til 6:30-7 every night and have to work out so late!

Have you ever been in credit card debt?

What small ways do you save money?

Do you have normal working hours?

4 thoughts on “Money Honey”

  1. Here’s one tip: Some Starbucks let you get free refills with your gold card, even if you have left and come back later in the day. Just keep your cup handy and occasionally, you’ll save!

    1. that is AWESOME! how do i know if my particular Starbucks participates? haha cause i go to the same one pretty much every day!

  2. This article really made me happy! because currently I have been struggling with money, and being a college student and not working is very stressful! I am down to my last week of classes and have been looking around my room seeing what things I can sell for money haha! I too have that coffee addiction…especially now that its finals week. I know I SHOULDN’T buy an iced coffee…but I just feel like I need to. But reading this made me feel a little better, knowing that I am not the only one struggling at times.

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