Long Weekend

All weekends should be 4 days long. Always.

Another Binghamton weekend in the books. Sometimes I hate that place, but other times it’s such a great place to escape to when life makes you feel restless and stressed. I left to go up last Thursday night, and my grandma’s burial was Friday morning. It was incredibly sad, but it also felt like we finally have closure. The sun was shining so brightly right over the canopy where she was to be buried, after a day full of rain. How it’s already been 3 months feels so sad, but I look forward to the little signs she’ll be sending us for the rest of our lives. Spending the weekend with my family was amazing, as it always is!

Brother, Me, Mom, Aunt Judy & Scott!

The rest of the weekend included many of my favorite things. Things like:

grilled chicken salad, delicious sweet dressing, bread and wine. The perfect meal.
funneling beers with my brother like i’m 17 again.
vodka sodas & dancing like assholes at old favorite bars

Other highlights that I neglected to take photos of included sleeping a ton, watching Law & Order in bed with my brother, french toast, buying a new anorak spring jacket, and more food. Somehow I came back and my pants are actually loose on me, even though I didn’t work out in 4 days and ate a ton of junk. Score!

Before heading back to NYC on Monday afternoon, I had a big bowl of peanut butter banana oats to tide me over for the bus ride.

Not sure why I thought eating anything at 10 AM would tide me over til almost 4 PM. Thankfully our bus stopped at a gas station, and it took me a good 10 minutes to construct an even semi-healthy snack/lunch. Seriously, I am not exaggerating. It was between pre-made fatty sandwiches, greasy pizza, hot dogs, or chips. I stumbled upon a tiny section of fruit, and a granola bar with the least amount of ingredients and sugar.

I threw my bags in my apartment and headed right out for a warm-up run. 2.02 miles in 18 minutes, which is super speedy considering I haven’t ran outside lately and my shins sadly still hurt a little. I am dying to get back into some distance running, but my hip/knee/shin problems don’t seem to be going away. I did Ripped in 30 after the run then went to spin class. Pretty solid workout after 4 days off! I also had the exact same thing for dinner that I did for lunch. It was delicious and so easy!

1 whole wheat bagel thin with 1/2 Laughing Cow cheese, raspberry jam & a fried egg. 3 egg whites with the other 1/2 LC cheese in the middle. Yum!

Back to work after 4 days off… You know how that goes. After work, I walked with Caitlin uptown to hit up Trader Joe’s. Walking, talking, and shopping with one of my favorite people= happiness! We walked for about 40 minutes total, probably about 1.5-2 miles.

Dinner was another of the above mentioned egg sandwiches. So easy, fast and delicious! And it’s past my old lady bedtime. Goodnight!

How was your weekend?

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