It’s almost Thursday, but I still need to recap last weekend! So much good food in NYC, which is why I eat healthy all week and let myself indulge on the weekends! In moderation still, of course.

Saturday after working all day, I headed to a restaurant I had wanted to try for awhile. Dressed up a little preppy for this venture, for no reason other than I absolutely love the look of preppy, beachy, just laid-back. So summery!

Another summer theme I love is bbq!Blue Smoke is a bbq place with a jazz bar underneath. The wait was 45 minutes, and sadly they have a VERY small dinner menu. The lunch menu had way more options and unfortunately my stomach can’t handle the deliciousness of ribs and other meats besides chicken, so I stuck with a trusty (albeit, boring) choice: grilled chicken salad. I loved that this had a greek twist with feta, olives and a light oregano vinaigrette.

Healthy, yes. But I was craving something a little naughty, so we ordered a basket of their homemade bbq chips with a side of bacon blue cheese dip. These chips were absolutely incredible! I piled my plate high, dipped them in bbq sauce and much of the blue cheese sauce. A salad with chips and fatty dressing? Perfect cheat meal! Blue cheese dip is my weakness (1 of many)

I am liking my approach to weight loss/maintenance this time around with having 1-2 cheat meals versus entire days. If I start the day off on the wrong foot, I will make poor choices all day. But looking forward to a dinner out and ordering a balance of cheats and healthy options is a way I can better manage my weight. Of course there’s going to be times when most of a day is cheat eats, but I want that to be the exception, not the rule.

Sunday nights cheat meal was at one of Mario Batali’s restaurants, Otto. It’s the least expensive of his restaurants in NYC and specializes in my favorite food: PIZZA 🙂

Before I get to the food, I have to talk about how Mario himself was there that night! He walked by our table a bunch of times and was all smiles. I love that he’s so involved in his restaurants and doesn’t just open them and rely on others to always run it for him. He’s obviously passionate about his work!

I started with a chopped salad and a few pieces of bread. The salad was good, but not great. Moving on.. Against my gut which was screaming for basic cheese pizza, I wanted to be adventurous and try a new pizza especially since these pizzas are personal sized. Personal sized if you can handle the equivalent of eating 3 large but thin slices of pizza, which I can 😉 I went with the asparagus and goat cheese pizza, which was good! But sadly, the asparagus took away from the “pizza” experience. The goat cheese would have been perfect alone, but really nothing can top just basic cheese and sauce. Still, I’m glad I tried something new!

The desserts on the menu are enough of a reason to go here! Normally I never order dessert because I’d rather get froyo elsewhere, but we couldn’t pass up this. Banana gelato over a brownie with caramelized white chocolate and peanuts? Enough said.

I had a few bites, but really needed me some froyo. A weekend just isn’t complete without it.

Graham cracker froyo topped with mini pb cups, shredded coconut, mini chocolate pretzels, dark chocolate sauce.

Cheat meals complete! Plenty of glycogen stores for this weeks tough workouts 🙂 More on those tomorrow!

Do you have cheat meals or cheat days? Do you wait til the weekends or splurge throughout the week?


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