6 Mile Sunday

Something amazing happened yesterday.

For anyone who knows me/reads my blog, you know I’ve been on the sidelines from running as much as I used to since last fall. I have still continued running, but haven’t risked running more than 3.5 miles since January. 3.5 miles was even pushing it, so I have been sticking to a lot of HIIT sessions on the treadmill with sprints, slower running and walking on an incline. I have also taken many, many, MANY spin classes, strength trained, taken more rest days than ever, and became very intimate with foam rolling. Okay, that sounded real weird, but I have been forcing myself to use it after EVERY run the last few weeks. I’ve been taking the time to stretch and wear my compression sleeves on my shins/calves every night. So did all of that pay off after what seemed like 100 years, but really just a few months?

Yesterday it sure did.

I was hoping for 4 miles and didn’t care how slow they were. I went into it with no pressure, told myself I could walk if I needed to and especially if there was any pain. I properly carb loaded the day before in hopes of a good, long-ish run, but probably more because I was hungover from my Friday night with Caitlin. Even after months without a long run, pizza still works as the best carb-loading dinner the night before. I also ate random cookies which I never do? But, I was super fueled and had a great run.

I ran loops in Central Park with all the other wonderful Sunday morning runners. The weather was amazing. 65 degrees, sunny, which makes for a hot run which I LOVE! My legs felt ridiculously good, and when I neared 4 miles I knew I could keep going. I actually could have kept going but unfortunately I had to go to work! I finished the 6 miles in 59 minutes which is slow for me, but I made sure to keep my pace slow. Too much speedwork and too high mileage is what got me hurt in the first place!

It’s Monday night and I’m still riding the runner’s high.

Oh, maybe that’s because I also ran 3 miles this morning. In 28 minutes. After telling myself I was just going to go out for a slow, 2 mile shake-out run, I busted out a not-too-slow 3 miler with legs that didn’t feel like I had just ran 6 yesterday.

DON’T BE STUPID, JEN. As much as I want to keep running every day, I know that I cannot. My shins are slightly sore and I have to respect the fact that while I am able to run again, it can be taken away from me at any time. It has been a really, really tough time period without running like I want to. I wasn’t able to bust out mile after mile while trying to deal with the loss of my grandma. Spin classes have really helped a lot, but truthfully NOTHING gets you the high feeling that running does.

Trying not to get ahead of myself, but it feels sooooooooo good to be back! 🙂

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