Sick & Boring

Ha, what an uplifting post title huh? Besides my excitement of running a bunch this week, my week has been full of not much else besides work and catching a cold. If it’s not a cold, then it’s the worst allergies of my life and I have some pretty bad seasonal allergies. I’ve been lacking any energy to go to spin at night, so I took this week off of spinning and just ran in the mornings. Today was my rest day because I had an event to go to at 8:00 THIS MORNING. Who has events at 8 AM? Welcome to the world of luxury fashion.

It was actually a pretty big deal. It was the opening of Chanel’s Little Black Jacket photo exhibit and it was gorgeous. Tons of celebrities photographed wearing the historical little black jacket in various poses. We were greeted with delicious, refreshing morning drinks and I chose the light peach refresher. Sadly, no alcohol was served. There were tiny little muffins and scones served by cute cater waiters, but I passed on them. I was starving by the time we got back to work, so I got egg whites, turkey, avocado and cheese on whole wheat toast. It was super good!

I’ve been downing iced coffee and iced tea all day because of this cold/allergy situation. It drains me! For lunch I got a big salad with tons of veggies, grilled chicken, feta and splurged a little with some low-fat ranch and hot sauce as dressing. It seriously tasted amazing. I sat in the sun by Central Park and tried to soak up some vitamin D and start feeling better. Now I’m chomping on a huge apple. Trying to get every ounce of vitamin C I can!

I really want to go on a little run tonight when I get home but I know I need to make it my rest day. I have ran every day since Sunday! 6 miles Sunday, 3 miles Monday, 1 mile Tuesday, and 3 miles yesterday. I NEED to cool it down a little and not get carried away and ease back into mileage, it’s just so hard when my runs were feeling great!

Do you hate rest days? Do you plan them or just take a break when your body tells you to?


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