It’s been a day full of randoms.

First of all, I got to the gym last night after working up all the energy I had left in me and was actually excited to run/spin. I grabbed my sports bra and tank out of my gym bag, and realized I never packed leggings or shorts. I was so overtired that I actually almost cried, and took that as a sign that I needed sleep. I never even ate dinner because I came home and totally crashed on my futon without unfolding it and still in my work top. I got my pants off, but not my top. Weirdo.

Fueled by lots of coffee, I made it to the gym this morning to sweat buckets to Ripped in 30 Level 2. It hurt so good. Followed that up with a 3.35 mile run in less than 27 minutes, even though my legs were super tired and shaky from Ripped. I had to stop once during the run and take super deep breaths for a few minutes because I had the worst side stitch pain I’ve ever had. It was scaring me it hurt so bad, but I breathed and stretched and ran my ass back to the gym.

I was planning on having a plain Chobani greek yogurt with Kashi cereal, banana and PB but I took one bite of the yogurt and wanted no part of it. Breakfast is my favorite thing in the world and I’m always ravenous since I work out first, but this just sounded awful at that moment. I was saved when one of my co-workers gave me the small little raisin pita that comes in one of the Starbucks boxed meals they sell. So I ate that, super random, with a banana and peanut butter and some iced coffee. Something is weird with my appetite and taste the last couple of weeks. I am used to eating the same boring things every day but not getting sick of them, so not sure what’s up. If I ever stop liking bananas and peanut butter, please be worried.

One wonderful part of my day: being on JANAE’s BLOG! Her post today is about her making a quick little trip to NYC and having us NY bloggers/blog-lovers meet up again! We all met up back in November when she was here running the marathon and it was a blast! SO excited to see her again and her little baby bump! 🙂

Dinner tonight was super good, and I’ve been making sure to eat lots of veggies and fruits since I wasn’t feeling great last week and definitely am lacking in energy this week. I made grilled chicken, sweet potato with mustard, and brussel sprouts with egg whites and organic ketchup. Lots of protein!

One last random: while running in Central Park this morning, this guy flew past me running in Kangaroo shoes! You can just see it barely because I had to sprint after him to get a picture. I can’t imagine how fun these would be to run in, however I would make it 10 feet before I would fall on my face!

You can see them more clearly HERE. I was cracking up watching this guy bounce around!

Would you ever run in Kangaroo shoes?

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